As I write this article, I am using a Macbook (This is not an ad for Apple). Funny thing, if we go back into Apple’s history. Like some other major multi-national companies, Apple nearly went bankrupt. The legendary Steve Jobs had been fired/forced out of the company, and the new leadership had taken the company… Read More

“Delegating ‘what to do,’ makes you responsible. Delegating ‘what to accomplish’ allows others to become responsible.” – Mack Story Now that I’ve had the privilege of being a PGA career consultant and business coach for a full year, I am more convinced that leadership through effective management and delegation, built upon trust is the key… Read More

“There is no such thing as winning or losing in a game that has no end. There is only ahead and behind. There is no such thing as winning business, winning global politics, or winning life.” #SimonSays #theinfinitegame Please watch the brief video (3:10) with Simon Sinek on Finite vs Infinite Goals. From my perspective,… Read More

I asked you to consider this in the last article, but it seems appropriate to ask it again. How is your career doing? (Honestly, ask yourself again.) Are you progressing along the career pathway you saw for yourself five (or maybe ten) years ago? Do you feel like you’re in a “career prison cell,” just… Read More

How is your career doing? Or do you feel like you’ve just got a job? Either way, there is always more for you in your career or there’s a way to make it more than just a job. Maybe we can get there together? PURPOSE This is your reason for being in the career, the… Read More

Your Belief, Your Skills or Just “Stuff”? March 2018 was an amazingly diverse month. Warm days, then snow, then hail, then warm sunny days again…and that is just on the west side of the Cascades! As golf professionals, we are alike in some ways and we are different in many other ways. One of the… Read More