It’s finally early fall for us in the Pacific NW region (and Section), and now there’s a chance to enjoy football, the MLB playoffs and catch up on some family time, rest and maybe get some PTO. From early April until about now, a professional in our industry is routinely hit with the urgent, the… Read More

Have You Updated Your Profile Yet? As a follow up to the article I shared about Recruiting & Retaining Talent for your facility, as well as some current national PGA demographics and compensation trends across Sections and the West, I would like to get straight to the point: Have you updated your compensation profile yet?… Read More

In 2020, a single word became very prevalent in the world of Human Resources. We are all familiar with it if we have watched any of the news cycles. It even got a bit of hyperbole when pundits added “great” to the word. By now, you may know it is the word “resignation.” How did… Read More

In our industry, we face constant pressures from valuable stakeholders who often want “what we want” but they often lack the context, specific industry experience and “inputs” needed to be strategic leaders and make truly lasting “legacy-level impacts.” Recently, I was on a flight from the PNW to Dallas-Fort Worth and then to Frisco, TX… Read More

In our continuing commitment to “serve the members and grow the game,” the Section is committed to executing innovative player development programs as well as valuable member services.  When these two priorities intersect, the Section moves aggressively. During the spring 2022 meeting, the Board of Directors approved the launch and pilot funding for the PNWPGA Junior… Read More