In part one of this series, I wrote about “Daring to Lead” with Integrity by drawing inspiration from different sources including “Dare to Lead” by Brene Brown, “Integrity: Without it Nothing Works” by Michael C. Jensen and the innovative thriller “Where Eagles Dare” by Alistair MacLean. “Own the fear, find the cave and write a… Read More

As a young person, I had a few authors that I really enjoyed in the fictional space. Authors included Zane Grey (100+ cowboy stories), CS Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia) and Alistair MacLean, whose books were often set in the timeframe of WWII and the Cold War. Some of MacLean’s books were made into movies, including… Read More

How to Flourish During this Season Happy mid-April to you and yours! I’m still feeling a sense of awe, inspiration and frankly a little silly after returning from the 2023 Masters Tournament. It was my first time going…you’re probably wondering what took me so long? I was privileged to attend my first Masters with some… Read More