Leveraging Learnings from The Go-Giver For 2019, how is your professional development coming along? Or said differently, how is the “investment in you” going?  One of the key takeaways I learned from a former supervisor (and still a current mentor) was this statement. He would say, “in your role in the field, we need you… Read More

“Why hire a PGA professional?” We have heard this often in the past years. Or, “how much of a difference can a PGA professional make to our operation?” In this article, I will endeavor to go beyond proving the value of a PGA professional. I believe hiring or allowing the right PGA professional to operate… Read More

Ambitious humility. It’s like clean dirt, or an open secret, definitely maybe, alone together or military intelligence (as my father-in-law likes to say when talking about his career in the Army.) These two words: Ambition and Humility – they just don’t go together, they are oxymoronic. Or do they? Or could they? More specifically, what… Read More

I really enjoy how we live in a world where so many resources are available to us digitally. Of course, it is a double-edged sword as there are billions of ways to get distracted. If you are dealing with this issue having a negative effect on your productivity and efficiency, let me direct you to… Read More

As I write this article, I am using a Macbook (This is not an ad for Apple). Funny thing, if we go back into Apple’s history. Like some other major multi-national companies, Apple nearly went bankrupt. The legendary Steve Jobs had been fired/forced out of the company, and the new leadership had taken the company… Read More

“Delegating ‘what to do,’ makes you responsible. Delegating ‘what to accomplish’ allows others to become responsible.” – Mack Story Now that I’ve had the privilege of being a PGA career consultant and business coach for a full year, I am more convinced that leadership through effective management and delegation, built upon trust is the key… Read More