In our continuing commitment to “serve the members and grow the game,” the Section is committed to executing innovative player development programs as well as valuable member services.  When these two priorities intersect, the Section moves aggressively. During the spring 2022 meeting, the Board of Directors approved the launch and pilot funding for the PNWPGA Junior… Read More

How to Flourish During this Season In the business of golf, the PGA professional faces “periods when we must work long hours, sometimes they have intense pressure and give very little time for rest.” In each of the three “career paths,” there are unavoidable situations in which it becomes a necessity or makes sense. In… Read More

This “offseason employment/recruiting cycle” has continued to be strenuous. In order to mitigate employee turnover, we must create a culture of Equipping, Engagement and Excellence. In my previous article, I addressed the topic of recruitment: how to Build a Brand of Being an “Employer Who Equips” and how to Become a Gardener to Grow Your… Read More

Part I: Recruiting This last “offseason employment/recruiting cycle” has been very busy for the PGA Career Services department. Here in the PNWPGA and throughout the entire country, many management level positions have been posted and filled since last October. On top of this, there have been times when we’ve had more than 40 assistant golf… Read More

The past two years have been incredibly successful in terms of rounds, participation and revenue while at the same time being incredibly “grinding” and wearing on PGA professionals and staff at our facilities. “Feeling the Burn” has taken on a new meaning indeed. As part of this context, coworkers, vendors, supervisors and customers are under… Read More

Understanding Your Neighborhood in a Post-2020 World (of Golf) – for Employers Last month, the focus was on how PGA professionals, in the role of employee, can approach their career to better understand their neighborhood and the factors that define it, including the obvious factors and the new megatrend demographic factors. Click the link below… Read More