The past two years have been incredibly successful in terms of rounds, participation and revenue while at the same time being incredibly “grinding” and wearing on PGA professionals and staff at our facilities. “Feeling the Burn” has taken on a new meaning indeed. As part of this context, coworkers, vendors, supervisors and customers are under… Read More

Understanding Your Neighborhood in a Post-2020 World (of Golf) – for Employers Last month, the focus was on how PGA professionals, in the role of employee, can approach their career to better understand their neighborhood and the factors that define it, including the obvious factors and the new megatrend demographic factors. Click the link below… Read More

Understanding Your Neighborhood in a Post-2020 World (of Golf) – for Employees With the “humpty-bump” of 2020 and 2021 in the game and business of golf (thanks to a pandemic), the life and times of golf professionals, club managers and course superintendents is likely never to be the same. Before this tectonic shift, the meaning… Read More

Many of us are feeling burnt out from what has been, as one golf professional described it, “like fitting 18 months of golf in 12 months”. Many of us in the role of employer found it more difficult to recruit talent to cover shifts and meet the new demand from customers and club members. This… Read More

I hope you will take advantage of some of the many ways that you can improve your skills and your team, many for FREE, this fall. 1. Learn from and be inspired by some of our “PNWPGA Legends” in the new PNWPGA Fore The Best podcast. In it, I’m blessed to interview some of our… Read More

While it seems our world is crazy right now (and it is), it is also very easy to slip into a downward spiral of anxiety, stressful “what now/what next” questions and general helplessness. If that is you, don’t worry, we all deal with this at times. While I’m not fully qualified to provide counseling on… Read More