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Paradox Series IV: The Wisdom Paradox

There are several PGA and CMAA professionals that I admire and look to for inspiration, motivation and even “grounding” throughout any given golf season or hiring season in my role. In fact, there are too many to list, because each of them “delivers” that value to me in differing contexts, at different events and in … Read more

PNWPGA Junior Ambassador Membership (JAM) Program

In our continuing commitment to “serve the members and grow the game,” the Section is committed to executing innovative player development programs as well as valuable member services.  When these two priorities intersect, the Section moves aggressively. During the spring 2022 meeting, the Board of Directors approved the launch and pilot funding for the PNWPGA Junior … Read more

Paradox Series III: The Effort Paradox

I’ve heard there’s almost a “requirement to fail before one can succeed.” I also know it’s true, but I hate that it is true (maybe you do too?). To prove the point, we can look at five “famous successes” (people) who failed big before they succeeded – namely Abraham Lincoln, James Dyson, JK Rowling, Jay-Z … Read more

2024 Yamaha Player Development Grants

The Pacific Northwest Section is proud to join with our friends at Yamaha to present the YAMAHA PLAYER DEVELOPMENT GRANT PROGRAM. This initiative, launched in 2015, reflects both our commitments to growing the game of golf in the great Northwest. This opportunity is open to all Pacific Northwest Section Members and Associates in good standing who seek … Read more

Paradox Series II: The Persuasion Paradox

After starting the Paradox Series in the previous article (focused on the Growth Paradox), we will now consider our next one: The Persuasion Paradox. Let’s not forget that the “paradox” means that the word before it may seem as “a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to … Read more

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