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PGA Career Services provides PGA Professionals with the Career Planning & Development they need to be 1) more relevant, 2) more valuable to their employers and to the communities they build and serve.

Monte Koch, Certified PGA Professional


Cell: 206-335-5260

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Certified Interview Coach | Certified Predictive Index Practitioner

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  • Five Strategic Insights Worth Sharing with Your Employer
    In the last article, Navigating Compensation Trends in the Golf Industry: A 2023 Perspective, the topic of “the negotiation” came up and the following key components were discussed: All of the above are key factors to help you have some leverage on your situation in the specific way that your employer views you, either as someone who is an “Expense-aligned Position” or viewed as a “Value-aligned Position.” In a simplistic way, think bluntly about your employer’s view of your role. Which is it? What can you do based on the concepts above to change that if it is “expense-aligned?” Now, … Read more

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PGA Employment Center

The PGA of America’s Career Services Department has developed a job referral service called CareerLinks. PGA Professionals participating in the program will be notified of employment opportunities that fit their specific skills and job preferences. Even if you are not currently searching for a job, you will be kept abreast of what’s happening in the golf marketplace. As an employer, CareerLinks can help you identify qualified professionals to meet your staff needs. CareerLinks is a PGA service that can be a major asset to your career.

Employers, click here to locate and hire PGA teaching professionals, golf coaches, sales representatives, merchandise managers, or retail managers.

Wage and Hour Assistance

The PGA retains a consultant to assist you with questions concerning Wage and Hour issues and is available at no charge. Please contact consultant Gerald Stefanik: (570) 874-0309.

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