Russell Grove of North Idaho College is a repeat winner for the PNW Professional Championship after winning in a one-hole playoff against Tim Feenstra of Broadmoor GC. The Section Championship was held at Meadow Springs CC, September 18-20. Scott Erdmann of Oswego Lake CC, Jeff Coston of Semiahmoo G&CC, Ryan Malby of Iron Horse GC,… Read More

Association Governance I get asked quite a bit, “how do you have time to be the President of the Section and do your job?”  It always makes me chuckle when I get asked that because honestly it isn’t that hard and doesn’t require that “enormous” amount of time that people might think it does, it… Read More

As I write this article, I am using a Macbook (This is not an ad for Apple). Funny thing, if we go back into Apple’s history. Like some other major multi-national companies, Apple nearly went bankrupt. The legendary Steve Jobs had been fired/forced out of the company, and the new leadership had taken the company… Read More

This month we interview Bryce Fisher, first-time PNW PGA champion! Learn a little about the 2018 PNW Assistant PGA Champion. Facility: Arrowhead GC Hometown: Oregon City, Oregon. Year became a PGA Associate: 2016 Tell us a little bit about your career. Who or what inspired you to be a PGA Professional? Golf and sports in… Read More

The new Tesla Roadster goes from zero to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds.  Pretty amazing!  But, as a financial advisor how do I get clients to go from zero to a million dollars invested in 25 years? It’s easy, just start today. If ever there were a time to go all in with your retirement… Read More

THE FINAL WORD: SERVING YOU AND GROWING THE GAME I know that a Golf Professional’s time is precious during the peak season, which makes me appreciate even more your indulgence in plowing through the position statements that Howie and I have presented to you.  Thank you for your time, and I will keep my final… Read More