The Pacific Northwest Section exists to serve the members and grow the game.

About Us

The Pacific Northwest PGA Section, founded in 1922, celebrates its centennial in 2022. The Section is one of the 41 geographically separated districts which make up the Professional Golfers’ Association of America. We provide services for the PGA golf professionals throughout the Northwest, more specifically in the states of Washington, Oregon, Northern Idaho, Western Montana, and Alaska. The Section is further divided into five chapters: Western Washington, Central Washington, Inland Empire, Western Montana, and Oregon. The Pacific Northwest is the largest in the country geographically, and with over 1,200 members and associates, ranks 6th in number of golf professionals.

Our membership is a group of professionals dedicated to making golf a better game. They are the club professionals throughout the Northwest who are responsible for the day-to-day activities at the many facilities throughout the section. They wear many hats at their clubs, including those of junior-golf leader, teacher, merchandiser, budget administrator, tournament organizer, rules official, personnel manager, and marketer, just to name a few. As you can imagine, the majority of our professionals got into the business of golf because they enjoyed playing the game, and some remain extremely competitive.

Our section tournament program is alone at the top in comparison with other sections. The goal of our tournament program is to provide quality playing opportunities for our professionals and their membership. We look at several factors to measure the success of our tournament program, including sponsor relations, donations to charity, number of participants, tournament purse, quality and value of event, and quality of administration.

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