This year, 2020 sounded so cool to me in the 2000s and beyond. We saw clever names for strategic plans and similar called “Vision 20/20” and more. Maybe we (or at least I) built it up too much? Either way, I believe we can all agree that 2020 has been epic. We have seen massive… Read More

Newsflash: “The Golf Business Is Different Now.” But does that blanket statement really tell the story? No, it doesn’t. It seems that around mid-March 2020, the world was fundamentally disrupted. An untold number of facets of our lives are no longer taken for granted until we get comfortable with the “new normal.” One unexpected result… Read More

Can you believe it? It’s been about a month since COVID-19 got real for us here in the PNW. In that time, we’ve seen a lot of things happen. Some of them have been special and others have been really frustrating, confusing and challenging. For those of us who are PGA professionals who operate, manage,… Read More

I’ve been talking about the “three-legged stool of customer engagement” for a couple of years now, and the best part for me is how many PGA professionals, employers and stakeholders in the business of golf are catching on to the concept. To reiterate, Customer Engagement accomplishes and drives many tangible benefits for the facility, the… Read More

Newsflash: “The Golf Business Is Not that Easy…In Fact, It’s Pretty Tough” (No kidding right?) However, no business, industry or line of work is easy. For every advantage in a given career, there are trade-offs. While technology continually advances and things are supposed to get easier, the pressure to perform and to produce results grows.… Read More