The key is in motivating your employees

With compensation and benefits tighter, as well at heavier workloads, what’s to keep your best employees from looking for greener pastures?   It is common knowledge that people leave managers, not facilities. So to you managers, are you effectively motivating your employees? Here are 7 keys to keeping your staff motivated.

  • A good key is to start with motivating yourself. To get perspective on this, take some time and write down the motivational factors that sustain you.
  • The next step is to understand what motivates each of your employees. Take a one-on-one approach and talk informally with employees to find out how you can improve their work experience.
  • Always, keep your door open. Your staff members may need frequent assurances. Give them access to your time and be honest with them. Being evasive or giving empty promises are counterproductive. Make sure to be candid and whenever necessary, let them know there are things you can’t discuss.
  • Avoid being a drill sergeant by ordering employees around. Instead, offer them direction while allowing employees to come up with their own processes and practices.
  • Remember to praise and recognize their work. There are plenty of simple and effective ways managers can do this, including praising in front of other staff or emailing an appreciative note. Encourage other employees to follow your lead.
  • Help employees fulfill career goals. Sit down and find out what employees want to get out of their jobs. If the employee wants to take on more responsibility or move up the ladder into a different position, pledge your support. Set long term goals with them to show they can move along their chosen career path.
  • Lastly, keep your own worries to yourself. Your job is to keep your feelings/pressures private and deal with your own stress.

By implementing these ideas, your staff will stay motivated which can lead to more productivity and a successful season.

Carol Pence, Certified PGA Professional/LPGA
Employment Consultant
PGA of America (PNW and NorCal PGA Sections)
E: O:(707)282-9252