Happy 2020.  As we start another decade, make it a point to engage with your association and take advantage of all the programs and benefits the PGA offers to make your life and career better.  Whether it’s tuning up your career development plan with Monte Koch, enhancing your PGA Junior League program with Branden Thompson to benefit your facility and your bottom line, or participating in a few of our 230 section and chapter events — the options are out there, use them!

We are starting a new feature with this issue of ForeWord Press. You will see a menu selection on the front page entitled “Employment Opportunities”. This will take you to a quick list of available positions within the Section. Each one will link to the job posting on PGA Job Board, jobs.pga.org.  The goal is to give you a quick snapshot of the openings and make it easier for you to take a quick look and see if a job interests you. We also hope this will help you attract a few more applications for you open positions.

To take advantage of this service as an employer, just post your job on PGA Job Board and Monte will pull a report for us on or around the 10th and 25th of each month.  PGA Job Board is still your vehicle to post jobs, this addition to ForeWord Press will simply help show our professionals what is available on PGA Job Board.

I’m off to the PGA Show next week to meet with our many sponsors.  We are very fortunate to receive all the support we see each year. All your thank you notes and emails really help us renew support for your programs. Please keep it up.

The PGA Show also serves as the catalyst for not only releases about new products but also releases from the PGA of America on new programs and initiatives from HQ.  Keep an eye out for emails from National and the Section about new things that benefit you.

For those of you staring college tuition in the face, I encourage you to apply for the PGA Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship. This application not only serves as the application for this scholarship but also the two Bunny Mason Scholarships offered by the Junior Golf Funds. One application, two opportunities – participate if this fits you!


Our sponsors are instrumental to our success and I’m happy to report that Wildhorse Resort and Casino is back to sponsor the Central Washington Chapter and the Wildhorse Senior Oregon Open Invitational.  We enjoy a long – 18 year – relationship with Wildhorse.  Why not send a group of members their way this year to enjoy their great facility?  If you have not seen the new clubhouse and restaurant, Mike Hegarty, PGA would be happy to show your around!

Section entries are about to open, the chapter pro-am allocations are in process in a few chapters and opening shortly in others, so watch your email and we’ll see you at an event soon!


Enjoy the break, we’ll be going full speed before you know it,

Jeff Ellison, PGA
CEO, Pacific NW Section PGA