It’s August and our season’s challenges are no less relentless.  Temperatures continue to rise, customers feel a bit more demanding, and the end is out there but not clearly in sight. As professionals in a game whose popularity has not reached this height in more than twenty years, we must persevere.  I believe it is… Read More

Making Hay While the Sun Shines As the “dog days of summer” are now in full swing, the increased intensity of our summer months can lead to distraction and burnout for you and your teams.  This is exactly the opposite of what we would hope to achieve during any season, let alone our busy season… Read More

Is Being “Busy” Really a Good Thing? The discussion around work-life balance is never-ending, but necessary.  In his latest column, Howie reminds us to be intentional about our efforts to keep this balance.  We are fortunate to be working in an industry that continues to post record demand.  As the adage tells us, “From everyone… Read More

“One for All and All for One” The Three Musketeers, as we know, is a popular, historical novel written in 1844 by Alexander Dumas.  In it, we are regaled with the stories of three (ultimately four) friends as they become living examples of friendship, courage, and honor.  In 2022, our three musketeers are Tim Feenstra,… Read More

Getting Ready for What Comes Next One of the things that I had to adjust to when I moved to the beautiful Pacific Northwest back in September 2020 is the fact that this part of the country has seasons.  Southern California, where my family and I moved from, has effectively two seasons:  hot and hotter. … Read More

The Big “Mo” Sunday, like most of America, I was debating the teams selected to play in the NCAA Tournament.  Arguing with my four sons is always fun, especially since they are ages 9, 10, 12, and 12 but they act and think like they’re all in their fifties.  No matter how much they pretend,… Read More