I hope you were able to join us for the Merchandise Show in Tacoma last month. We filled the 30,000 square feet of exhibit space with vendors showing the latest and greatest in golf. While they are there to make a few bucks, it truly is a partnership where we need their support just like they need our support.  We are lucky to have such great reps here in the Northwest.  Remember to utilize their expertise, to support our sponsors and to be professional in your dealings with all reps – return calls promptly, tell them no when it’s no (they are OK with it) and simply treat them like partners. Together we all succeed.  The 2019 Show moves to Portland on October 15-16. I hope to see you there.

Speaking of sponsors, we are so lucky to enjoy such great support from so many sponsors.  Over $500,000 comes your way from our many sponsors.  We also added two new partners at the Show. An old friend, Neville Hong of Swing Caddie joined us to support your education programs. Neville is partnering with Craig Pelzer and has a unique product to help you. Check it out at www.swingcaddie.com.   PureGrips also joined us to sponsor the Reception on Tuesday night. Thanks Matt Oldham and Bill Jackson for the drinks!  As things slow down, please take a minute to email our sponsors and say thanks. For a complete list of our 2018 sponsors, visit the Online Member Handbook.

If you were at the Annual Meeting you saw a video of the terrific 2019 tournament schedule. Click here to check out the video and click here for the detailed schedule. It’s a great lineup.  We are also working on an Ireland trip in late September.  The tentative lineup is pretty terrific if you like links golf in big dunes! Give me a call if interested.

PGA Junior League continues to flourish in the Pacific Northwest Section.  First and foremost PGA Junior League is a player development program for YOUR FACILITY.  The program is purposely designed to help you engage families at your facility to be involved in all that you have to offer.  Design your program that way.  Branden Thompson has it right, don’t just recruit kids who already play; find that occasional golfer, that new golfer, even that athlete involved in other sports and let your regulars mentor them into golfers.  If you are new to PGA Junior League, call Branden at 503-869-2827 to get started. If you are a veteran, visit with Branden about the financial benefits of an in-house league. Like $40,000 in benefits. Captain registration opens on November 25. Get started today.

If you have college-age children or grandchildren be sure to check out the PGA Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship.  The application process opens on November 16.  Go to PGA.org on that date to view the application. The Pacific Northwest PGA Junior Golf Fund uses this same application for the Bunny Mason Scholarship process.  Please apply!

Finally, take a few minutes in this off-season to do something for yourself and your career. Expand your skill set, try something new and most importantly make sure your CareerLinks ProFile is current.  A current ProFile is critical for you to be contacted about those great new job opportunities that are the next step in your career.  Contact Monte Koch if you need help with your profile. 206-335-5260.

Have a great November and enjoy a little time off!

Jeff Ellison, PGA
CEO, Pacific NW Section PGA