I know that a Golf Professional’s time is precious during the peak season, which makes me appreciate even more your indulgence in plowing through the position statements that Howie and I have presented to you.  Thank you for your time, and I will keep my final points short and sweet.

If you remember only one thing about me and my candidacy for Secretary, please remember this:  in serving you and growing the game, I am your champion for improving our jobs.  I have held every job at every type of club from municipals to daily fee to resort to private non-equity and equity clubs, I have walked a mile in your Foot Joys, and I know what it takes to improve your job in this era of stagnant wages.  I will serve you by working at the Section and National levels to help develop programs and resources that make us more valuable to our employers.  Growing the game—especially now—is important to our badge, to our colleagues and to our employers and is the primary method for growing our paychecks.

In closing, my previous Section leadership experience, my refreshed eyes, my relationship with our current Board members, CEO and his awesome staff, my ability to mentor new leaders, my passion for service, and my recognized voice at the PGA National level give me a solid foundation for serving you for the next 8 years.

Thank you for your time in considering Howie and I for Section Secretary.  Howie is a wonderful man and a really smart Golf Professional, and I know that both of us will carry your banner for improving your jobs and will work tirelessly on your behalf to assure that our profession continues to thrive.

I would greatly appreciate your vote for Section Secretary and I look forward to seeing you all at your Chapter meetings…or at a Special Olympics tourney, or junior golf event, or at a parade, or at a Nine ‘n Dine, or on Santa’s lap!

Marcus King, PGA, CCM, CCE
General Manager
Overlake Golf & Country Club