“You’ve answered our questions…. now what else would you like the members to know about you before they vote?”

Man, I thought the other questions were hard, but this is tough. Essentially, this is the “who are you really” question. Let’s start with this, “I hate golf.” Okay, now that I have your attention, I’m a kidder, a jokester, a person who likes to have fun. I’m told that I am a great story teller. I have lived a rich life and I enjoy sharing my experiences, from growing up in a mixed middle-class neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio, the jungles of Viet Nam, to teaching skiing in the Alps of Europe. Stories are a great way to connect to people. When I tell a story, often someone else shares one and we learn so much more about each other.

I’m naturally curious. I love learning about things that challenge me. I have recently taken classes in computer programing, graphic arts, and culinary arts. What I learned is that my brain is not wired for learning programing. I tip my hat to those that can do it; the same with graphic arts. Everything looked like “stick- figures.” My success was with culinary skills. I have learned over time new and different skills in the kitchen and I love it. While structured thinking like computer programming made me crazy, cooking gives me a license to create, adding a little of this or that which is fun. Most of the time, the dishes are a success; sometimes, they are so bad they can’t be served. But like much of life is trial and error, that’s what makes it fun. While trying and learning new things is fun for me, it also leads to some frustration. Learning to play the guitar and learning to speak Spanish remain challenges that make me crazy. I lived in Germany for eleven years and could speak “passable” German. Admittedly, it got better the more beer I drank. Why I can’t get Spanish, is beside me; maybe I need more wine.

The other big challenge for me is “tools.” I have hand tools and power tools, but I’m a bit lost when it comes to using them. I’m not a fixer! I fully support mechanics, carpenters, plumbers and other trade professionals as they pursue a living. I once called a repair person to come and fix our clothes washer. It turns out, I had forgotten to close the lid. $85 later, he closed the lid, and the washer started. I’m sure he still tells that story. So, plan on the fact, that if we are traveling and the car breaks down, I will be the first to call AAA.

I am a huge sports fan!  At the risk of offending some; I am a fan of The Ohio State Buckeyes, the Texans in the NFL, San Jose Sharks in hockey, and the SF Giants in baseball. I played rugby for 12 years and cheer for the American Eagles, out national rugby club.

I spent 10 years on active duty as an Army commissioned officer, Army Ranger and helicopter pilot. I worked as a Department of the Army civilian and held numerous Human Resources positions in Silicon Valley prior to moving to Oregon.

I have been married to my best friend for 32 years and counting. We have two grown boys and four grand-kids. I am still in mourning over the loss this year of my second love, our 14-year chocolate lab, Maxine.

Since this is the last article (I hope), I want to thank our current leadership for providing such challenging questions. Thanks to the Section staff (Marlena) for getting articles out to our membership, and lastly to Marcus for your great articles.


I look forward to meeting you in the upcoming Chapter meetings.


Howie Pruitt, PGA
Director, Player Development/Head Golf Professional
Aspen Lakes Golf Club
Sisters, OR 97759
Director, Oregon Chapter, PGA of America
2017 Oregon Chapter, PGA of America, Patriot Award Winner