Facility: Kalispel G&CC

Hometown: Grew up in Tacoma, WA

PGA Member Since: Class A PGA Professional since December 2015

Doug Off got into the PGA in a roundabout way. His high school football coach and first boss happened to be Tom Ainslie (Fircrest GC).

“As I finished college, he encouraged me to look into the PGA program and become a PGA Professional because he saw my love for the game as an amateur and that I liked helping people at the club,” said Off.

With a degree from Gonzaga University in Exercise Science, and a passion for helping people, Off decided to become a personal trainer.

“While becoming a better golfer and enjoying teaching people in fitness, I struck up a friendship with Steve Nelke (Hangman Valley GC) and began to learn the intricacies of the golf swing, equipment, and the game. I began to realize my passion for golf was overtaking my job as a trainer.”

Off credits Ainslie and Nelke for showing him what it means to be a PGA Professional.

“We are there to serve other golfers with great service and golf experiences, while always striving to learn more about the golf swing and how to help everyone enjoy the game.”

Like any great teacher, Off’s proudest achievement in golf is watching the success of his students.

“Watching them wanting to play more, and achieving goals that they thought were unreachable, is why I do this. Making someone’s day better by helping them play better golf, that makes me proud to be a PGA Professional.”