Sterling Switches to Bio-Degradable Packaging

Erlanger, KY., Issued April 1, 2014 – Sterling Cut Glass has advanced to a bio-degradable loosefill packaging (packing peanuts) for all Ground and Air shipments. The new packaging material is water soluble, therefore the “peanuts” dissolve in water for easy disposal. In addition to being water soluble, the new packaging material is kid-friendly, pet safe, non-plastic and non-petroleum based, made from renewable resources, compostable, static free and reusable (if not dissolved).

“Sterling has made the decision to switch to bio-degradable loosefill packaging in order to be a more eco-friendly company. In addition we know that disposal of the loosefill has often proved challenging for golf professionals and those who receive gifts, especially in an outdoor setting.” J. Brook Dyas, COO. All shipments with the new loosefill packaging will contain an informational card (made of recycled paper) with the packing statement letting the recipient know that the loosefill packaging is bio-degradable and water soluble for easy disposal.

For over 25 years, Sterling Cut Glass has proudly supplied custom engraved trophies, awards and gifts to over 3000 of the finest golf courses and most prestigious golfing events in the United States.
Sterling Cut Glass was founded in 1902 atop Mt. Adams’ “Art Hill” in Cincinnati, Ohio. Back then, Sterling artisans specialized in the intricate hand cutting and polishing of the “Brilliant” period of American crystal. Today, Sterling continues to enhance the beauty of fine crystal with custom engraving, using the craftsmanship standards of our founders while always maintaining cutting edge technology. Our high level commitment to product design brings Sterling customers access to exclusive merchandise from the finest crystal makers in the world. Sterling is proud to be a licensee of the PGA Tour, the LPGA and the Kentucky Derby, USTA in addition to being a Supporting Partner for PGA Retirement Plus.

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