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Inducted: 1981

Eddie Hogan enjoyed one of the longest successful playing careers in the Pacific Northwest. Like many other great players of his day, he began as a caddie at Waverley CC. He won his first Pacific Northwest Amateur title when he was 20 years old, and he won the Pacific Northwest PGA Championship when he was 54. In 1939, he turned professional and went to work at Riverside G&CC in Portland, and later served the club as both head professional and general manager. It was his acumen that saved Riverside after the disastrous flood of 1948. Hogan was the first of the Northwest’s great merchandisers, but his lasting legacy was junior golf. While at Riverside, Hogan made the development of junior golf a priority at his club as well as fostering it at other clubs. He was also a leader in helping the Oregon Golf Association establish its widely recognized junior program.


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