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November 1, 2021

President's Report

Thanks to all of you who participated in our Section Membership meeting last month. These are busy times for the Board members and Officers at both the Chapter and Section level as we plan for 2022. This week, Frank, Chris Nowlen, and I will be off to the PGA annual meeting in Milwaukee, WI.

Today let’s try a little Jeopardy. Today’s Jeopardy clue is: “The ability to experience and relate to the thoughts, emotions, or experiences of others.” The question: “What is empathy?”

Empathy is not sympathy. Sympathy is being able to understand and support others with compassion or sensitivity.

If you ask most managers today about what is vital to their success, many would answer controlling, managing, getting results, and making the bottom line. True, but who makes those things a reality? Their employees do. For years, I have heard managers say, “I don’t have time for the touchy-feely crap.” I think many of us believe that is what their bosses would say. A recent study conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership found that managers who practice empathetic leadership towards direct reports find those employees are better performers in their jobs. Have I got your attention now?

Managers who relate to their employees in a caring and compassionate manner see a difference in their performance. I am not talking about everyone sitting around singing Kumbaya. I am talking about showing your employees that you care about them.

What is the first step? Listening to them. Really listening to them. I will not give a class on active listening, but I will provide you with a simple model you can use. The model is called EAR. It comes from the Blanchard Training and Development Company and it is easy to understand and use.




To Explore, consider using gentle, non-judgmental questions. “I want to make sure I understand you. Would you please say more about that?” This is where you are probing for understanding, using a gentle form of probing, not a blunt force.

Acknowledge is verifying what the person has said by using words like, “You sound really upset; you seem really hurt.” Acknowledge and then be quiet and listen. They may tell you that you have it wrong; they may say, “I’m not upset.” If you are not sure, probe again. “If you’re not upset, how are you feeling?”

Responding is critical to the model. By exploring and acknowledging, we show that we understand and are listening. We are not problem-solving. Respond with comments like, “I think I understand. How can I help you?”

Trust me! This is not complicated. However, when you are empathic and compassionate, the other person will know you care.

I hope the one takeaway you get from this is the following: “People don’t care how much you know once they know how much you care.”

As always, please stay safe, reach out, and contact someone you have not seen or talked to in a while.

Thank you for your time and for all that you do,

Howie Pruitt, PGA
Director, Golf Operations, Aspen Lakes GC
President, Pacific Northwest Section

Professionals Win 73rd Hudson Cup and 30th Senior Hudson Cup Matches

by Molly Cooper, PGA - Director of Tournament and Member Programs

The 73rd Hudson Cup and 30th Senior Hudson Cup took place at Oswego Lake Country Club on October 14-15, 2021. This year’s matches were dedicated in honor of Sean Fredrickson, our fallen leader.

The Hudson Cup matches pairs the top 10 PNW PGA Professionals against the top 10 Pacific Northwest amateurs in matches patterned after the Ryder Cup. The Senior Hudson Cup matches were held concurrently, where the top 10 PNW PGA senior Professionals compete against the top 10 Pacific Northwest senior amateurs. The teams were selected based on their competitive records throughout the 2021 season and represent the very best of Northwest golf.

After the first day of the Hudson Cup matches, the professional team had a narrow lead with 6 points to the amateur team’s 4 points. The Senior Hudson Cup matches went into the final round with the amateurs leading 5 ½ to 4 ½ points. Going into the singles matches on Friday, the cups were still up for grabs.

As the Hudson Cup matches progressed in the singles matches, the professionals edged out a win; the final score for the two-day event was 10 ½ to 9 ½.

In the Senior Hudson Cup Matches, the professionals bested the amateur team with a narrow win of 11 to 9 points after the last match was completed.

We had just three players undefeated this year. Congratulations to PGA Professional Austin Hurt from Wing Point G&CC, PGA Professional Mark Knowles of McCormick Woods GC and amateur Mike Swingle of Aldarra GC for their stellar play.

Congratulations also to the award winners this year for their spectacular play!  The 57th Chuck Congdon Award went to Nathan Cogswell; the 47th Larry Lamberger Award was presented to Austin Hurt. In the Senior Matches, the 30th Bill Eggers Award was won by Mike Swingle and Mark Knowles was bestowed the 30th Bob McKendrick Award. The awards are presented to the outstanding player on each team as decided by votes of the members of the opposite team.  They honor four great historical players with outstanding Hudson Cup records.

Asked how it felt winning the Larry Lamberger award, Hurt said it was a “great honor.” “Playing alongside the most talented amateurs in the Pacific Northwest is a fantastic tradition,” he added. “Making the Hudson Cup is the goal at the beginning of each season and one that is always in the back of my head. I relish in the fact that we get to play with the Northwest’s best professionals as we continue to grow both personally and professionally.”

Mark Knowles shared, “It has been a goal of mine to qualify for the Hudson Cup teams for years. The experience of competing with fellow professionals and meeting so many great players has been extraordinary.  I am very humbled to receive the Bob McKendrick award. This was my second Hudson Cup. I don’t have the words to express my appreciation for the history and tradition of the event. Very special experience for me!”

Nathan Cogswell mentioned, “I was extremely happy to have received the Charles Congdon award at this year’s Hudson Cup. It was a surprise, but it is truly an honor, and I am grateful to have had an opportunity to represent the amateur side. I hope to make many more teams in the future because you get to meet great people and make special memories!”

Thanks to the captains Bryan Tunstill, Brent Murray, Jay Poletiek and Denny Taylor for a wonderful job in helping make this year such an exciting and historical event!

Bryan Tunstill shared, “It was an honor to host the 73rd Hudson Cup matches at Oswego Lake CC.  To captain the matches alongside someone that I respect greatly– Brent Murray–was a treat. The Professionals played their hearts out to squeak out a win against an extremely talented amateur team, coming down to the last singles match.  We played the matches in honor of the late, great Sean Fredrickson, and in the end, his memory turned out to be the edge that led us to victory.”

Brent Murray mentioned, “I was both honored and excited to be asked to captain this year’s senior professional Hudson Cup team.  It was especially nice having the matches at Oswego Lake CC where I spent most of my professional career.”

“The Hudson Cup matches are a great tribute to Robert Hudson and what he did for the golf world by saving the Ryder Cup matches during a difficult time in the world,” Murray added. “The matches also serve as a connection to the history of golf in the Northwest by continuing to recognize exceptional professional and amateur golfers each year.”

“It was an honor to captain these great players!” Jay Poletiek commented.

Denny Taylor said, “The opportunity to participate in the Hudson Cup event as a captain is an honor and a privilege.  It is recognition by golfing peers that allows one to continue to participate in the tradition of competition and camaraderie.”

“Being named to these teams are accomplishments that individuals will always remember,” Taylor added. “The Hudson Cup provides a sense of history and celebration to the game of golf.  We are fortunate to be a part of this event.”

The PNW PGA would like to thank the entire staff at Oswego Lake CC, headed by Head PGA Professional Kevin Mathis and General Manager Bryan Fisher, for making this event so successful.


Player of the Year Points Lists

Rolex Player of the Year
1. Colin Inglis - 665
2. Shane Prante - 512.5
3. Derek Berg - 497.5
Assistant Player of the Year
1. Shane Prante - 655
2. Colin Inglis - 647.5
3. Brady Sharp - 425
Rolex Senior Player of the Year - FINAL
1. Tony Robydek - 400
T2. Jeff Coston - 367.5
T2. Greg Manley - 367.5

Upcoming Events

"Fore the Best" Podcast

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PNW PGA Arizona Sun Pro-Am

December 5-9, 2021
We-Ko-Pa Casino Resort
Cholla & Saguaro courses
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Pelzer Golf Hawaiian Paradise Pro-Am

January 13-20, 2022
Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa
Ka'anapali golf courses
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PNW PGA "Stay Involved" Education Opportunties

PGA Jr. League 2022 Preview: Enhancements & Changes for the Upcoming Season
  • November 3 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am Pacific
  • presented by Branden Thompson, PGA – Regional League Manager
  • This webinar will be held via Google Meet. Receive 1 PGA Required MSR / 1 AMP Education Credit for attending.
Golf MasterMind – Integrating Mental and Physical Coaching In Your Teaching Business
  • November 10, 2021 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm Pacific
  • presented by Rick Heard, PGA
  • This webinar will be held via Google Meet. Receive 1 PGA Required MSR / 1 AMP Education Credit for attending.

Holk's Highlights: Chas Holmes, PGA

This month we profile Chas Holmes, PGA, who is one of two cohorts selected for the 2022-2023 class of PGA LEAD. Among his many certifications in the pursuit of continuing education, he became PGA Certified in golf operations in 2018 and specialized in executive management in 2020.

Facility: The Yakima CC

Hometown: Normandy Park, WA

PGA Member Since: 2016

How did you get started in your golf career and who were your mentors?

My grandparents taught me to play golf on a small par 3 course called Belmore Park in Federal Way. I played most of my junior golf at Twin Lakes Golf and Country Club in Federal Way, WA.

I started in the golf industry in 2013 and received PGA membership in 2016. I began as the Assistant Golf Professional at Tam o’Shanter G&CC and became the Head Golf Professional in 2017. I moved to Yakima, WA in March 2020 to take the role as Head Golf Professional at The Yakima Country Club.

I got into golf as a career by recommendation from my good friend Kyle Miller, who was the Head Golf Professional at Tam o’Shanter when I began there in 2013. Kyle was a great mentor and friend during my career transition into golf. More recently, I had the opportunity to work for Master Professional and Certified Club Manager Ward Sutton, who always pushed me to get better every day and set high standards for myself and my team.

What Certifications have you received?

I became certified in golf operations in 2018 and specialized in executive management in 2020. I plan to pursue Master Professional in Golf Operations as soon as I am eligible. I am currently pursuing CCM (certified club manager) status which is the certification process through the Club Managers Association of America. I plan to have this complete by summer of 2023. I am a certified ADM PGA Golf Coach and certified U.S.Kids Golf Coach as well as Ping certified club and putter fitter.

What benefits of the PGA CPP have you seen in your career or at your facility?

I benefited greatly from this program by adding new ideas and resources to my tool kit as a PGA Professional, especially in team leadership and understanding financials. I learned new terms and concepts and developed a comprehensive golf operation manual and new member packet. I constantly update this manual as our industry and my facility changes and both of these resources have helped advance my career and benefit my employers.

What advice do you have for other PNW PGA Professionals thinking of going through the PGA CPP?

I am passionate about continuing education and take every opportunity to further my teammates, myself, my career, and my employer in this manner. I believe the PGA CPP is a great program for all PGA Professionals as it offers courses and resources from all aspects of the golf business. Every PGA Professional will find new information through this program regardless of their current experience level. It forces us to think about our careers and how we can be better at what we do. My advice is simple: work through the PGA CPP if you want to be a better PGA Professional, a better mentor and leader to your team, and increase your value to your facility. I am confident you will learn something new and valuable to help make your job easier and yourself a more valuable PGA Professional. It has certainly done so for me.

Employment Opportunities

Monte Koch, PGA of America Employment Consultant

These are primarily “PGA Professional” only positions posted on the PGA Career Services Job Board:


We Are All Feeling the Crunch of Inflation - Be Proactive About Keeping up Your Compensation!

PLEASE click the link below to access and complete your compensation profile (you will need to login to 

Don't hesitate to call or email me if you have any questions or difficulty in completing your profile. Thank you for your contribution to this important tool used to impact compensation for you and your peers!

Regards, Monte

Pros on the Move

by Robin Lindsey, Tournament & Membership Coordinator

Employment Changes
  • Mitchell R. Berschauer, PGA (A-1) - from Allenmore Public GC to Olympia C&GC
  • Mitchell A. Girard, PGA (A-1) - from Olympia C&GC to Meadow Park GC
  • Christopher P. Koch, PGA (A-14) - from Salish Cliffs GC to The Golf Loft LLC
  • Lucas J. McLeod, PGA (A-8) - from Bear Creek CC to Inglewood GC
  • Alexander M. Mroz (B-14) - from Inglewood GC to Everett G&CC
  • Andrew J. Osburn, PGA (A-14) - from Meriwether National GC to Topgolf - Hillsboro
Classification Changes
  • Liam A. Kendregan, PGA (Sand Point CC) - from A-6 to A-14

New Associates

  • Jacob W. Bindley (B-8) - Highlander GC
  • Frankie D. Hoar (B-8) - Inglewood GC
  • Michael R. Salisbury (B-8) - Langdon Farms GC
  • Isaac A. Shriver (B-8) - Battle Creek GC
  • Paul D. Smoot (B-8) - Pine Ridge GC
  • Chase A. Snodgrass (B-8) The Dalles CC

Newly Elected Members

  • Cody A. Gronning, PGA (A-8) - The GC At Black Rock
  • Kevin T Phillips, PGA (A-1) - Bandon Dunes Golf Resort
  • Casey C. Ward, PGA (A-8) - Rock Creek Cattle Company

Transfers INTO the Section

  • Clifford B. Coffelt, PGA (A-13) to Hayden Lake, ID from Georgia Section
Transfers OUT of the Section
  • Garrett R. Granlund - from Mill Creek CC to Southwest Section
  • Bradley E. Lanning, PGA - from Shadow Hills CC to Wisconsin Section
  • Ryan S. Malby, PGA - from Kalispell, MT to Southwest Section
  • John E. Metzinger, PGA - from Awbrey Glen GC to South Florida Section
  • Harrison M. Taylor, PGA - from Buffalo Hill GC to Southwest Section

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