Past Award Winners

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Golf Professional of the Year

Assistant Golf Professional of the Year

Teacher of the Year

Horton Smith Award

Bill Strausbaugh Award

Perry Williams Award

Player Development Award

Youth Player Development Award

Merchandiser of the Year - Private

Merchandiser of the Year - Public

Merchandiser of the Year - Resort

Patriot Award

Player of the Year

Senior Player of the Year

Assistant Player of the Year

PGA of America National Award Winners

These professionals from the Pacific Northwest Section have been honored by the PGA of America for their contributions to the PGA and the game of golf:

2016: Matt Brown, Merchandiser of the Year-Public

2013: Kathy Gildersleeve-Jensen, Teacher of the Year

2013: Roger Wallace, Bill Strausbaugh Award

2012: Amy Pendergast, Merchandiser of the Year-Resort

2010: Thomas Davidson, Merchandiser of the Year-Resort

1990: Ron Hoetmer, Bill Strausbaugh Award

1989: Verne Perry Jr., Horton Smith Award

1984: Jerry Mowlds, Golf Professional of the Year

1966: Gene C. “Bunny” Mason, Horton Smith Award