Hall of Fame/Wendell Wood

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WoodWendell1983 5x7.jpg

Eugene, OR

Inducted: 1983

Wendell Wood is one of those rare golf professionals who spent an entire lifetime at one club. He went to work as a caddy at Eugene Country Club in 1932, moved up to caddy master, and then became the head professional prior to World War II. After returning from service, Wendell returned to Eugene and resumed his professional career. Recognized as a consummate club professional, he was an excellent teacher and player. He always said "playing is secondary to serving my membership." During his years at Eugene, he worked with the University of Oregon golf team and assisted in the development of many fine players such as Don Krieger and Lou Stafford. In addition to being a great instructor, he also served as a role model and mentor and was responsible for introducing fellow Hall of Famers Tim Berg and Al Mundle to the golf profession.