April 1, 2023

President's Report

Happy spring….  I totally say that in jest because it hasn’t arrived! This winter has been incredibly long, and it just seems to want to stay!

Monday I am going to go play in a last-minute “Still Winter Pro-Am,” thanks to Cameron Milton at Polson Bay GC, who said he is “tired of winter and wants to golf.”  The high is going to be 40 degrees.  We are a desperate lot!  I guess it just shows how much we love golf and our business of golf.  It is because of my love of golf I am going to give an honest assessment of us as golf professionals, and of course, encouragement to take care of ourselves and our livelihood. 

This month we had our spring meeting of the Section Board at Royal Oaks. The meeting was a great success, and a lot of impactful work was done by the Chapters, Section, Committees, and Staff in the leadership of our Association.  The meeting was followed by a very heartwarming celebration of life for Harold Bluestein.  I commend his wife, Sue, and his beautiful family on a wonderful event.  I was inspired by Harold’s accomplishments, and I am very impressed by the love shared by his family and friends. 

During the meeting, we covered a gamut of topics from tournaments to programs to compensation.  The one message that kept jumping out at me was how important it is for us as professionals to act to be successful. Many items are going to come up in this newsletter, and they always seem to boil down to us, the member, signing up or filling it out. 

The meeting was packed with updates from each Chapter discussing grants, programs, playing opportunities, leadership training, and so on.  Through the updates, it kept coming up that too many pros aren’t interested, don’t know the benefits or we just don’t sign up. 

I look at PGA Junior League and the success it has gained.  I think about how slowly it took off until, suddenly, it was huge. What are the motivating things that made it work? Revenue to our pockets could be one item. Revenue to our facilities is another. Was it satisfaction from our members, the parents, or the kids? Or maybe, we all realized it’s really just a great time!

At first, everyone already had a junior program of some variety, so why would they need a new one? I see the real answer being things always need an opportunity to improve.  In this case, my facility put a toe in with one team in a five-team league with other facilities.  The next year we expanded it to two teams for us.  The next year we had 48 kids and our own league and now there are 60 kids.  We made it to regionals, and some of those kids are single digit handicaps at 14 years old, begging to sign up for our Barnett Memorial Championship!  Oh, and every pro on our staff was paid well for their efforts, and we are proud of what we have accomplished.  PGA Junior League was the opportunity we needed to improve.    

Every one of us is busy.  I get it.  However, we all want to make more money and have better benefits also.  We have opportunities to work smarter.  I promised a couple months ago that I would get certified in PGA Coach.  I am almost there.  Wow, I have learned a lot.  It has taught me that the instruction world is changing, which will allow us to develop more players through the PGA Coach model, which then frees up time for me to do other things on my long list of to-dos, win/win.  I will finish soon.  I hope you will too. 

I filled out my Deferred Compensation registration.  It only took two minutes.  Yet, at the meeting we learned such a small percentage have registered to earn retirement for conducting programs or leading the way as professionals.  What keeps us from signing up to get additional income for things we already do?  The same can be said for the PGA Compensation Survey.  While it only takes a few minutes, the value is amazing.  You may not need it now, but what if you need a job later  and the data isn’t there to support what you are worth?  What if your daughter or son wants to follow in your footsteps?  I want better compensation for them for sure! 

Sure, there are other programs that will take more than a few minutes to complete, but they have such value, to us as Pros, to the members we serve, and ultimately to the growth of the game.  Most of us certainly can’t do them all, but what if we took the time to consider picking just one and running with it? Accomplishment is often a great motivator.  Maybe one turns into more.  For so many of us, it was a long walk to a well-paid position as Head Pro or GM.  When I started PGA JAM we were struggling for outside services staff.  The program membership and conversation surrounding it has led to young workers coming at us left and right.  That is refreshing!  It was worth the time and effort to make the program available. 

I don’t have all the answers, but I do have personal experience to share.  As I have matured (not old yet), I have gained this wisdom. I think the problem is time. There never seems to be enough of it!  The best thing each of us can do for ourselves is evaluate where the time goes.  Account for it and find ways to fix areas of wasted time to put it to something useful.  Figure out the most efficient way to get the tedious things out of the way or delegate to others.  Then, use that time for things that will make the biggest impact in your value, life, and career.  Sign up for the simple things that will give you something back now.  When considering other opportunities, carefully pick what’s next and weigh it against your goals and desires so it also gives you the biggest reward.  Pick something that will make you better, benefit you and your facility, and make you smile with accomplishment.  Then sign up. 


Chris M. Nowlen, PGA
[email protected]

Bellingham G&CC Duo Win PNW PGA Pro-Assistant Championship

The Pacific Northwest PGA Pro-Assistant Championship recently concluded at the scenic Eugene Country Club on March 20-21, 2023, bringing together the best PNW PGA Professionals and their assistants to compete for top honors.

The players were greeted with wet weather, and a course that was in excellent condition, providing a stern test for the players. The first day saw Tim Hval and David Lebeck of Portland Golf Club lead the pack with an impressive 6-under-par 66, tied with Nick McCaslin and Amy Eneroth, who also shot 6-under-par 66.

On the second day, the team of Cameron Fife and Daniel Campbell of Bellingham G&CC put on a spectacular performance, shooting a remarkable 65 that included 7 birdies to win the championship with a combined score of 133 (-11). Despite finishing as runners-up, McCaslin and Eneroth put up a strong fight and finished with a respectable score of 134 (-10).

“Our competitiveness was a major part of our success, we both have similar mindsets when playing tournament golf. Even though our physical games are different, we both play a similar style of golf. It was an enjoyable experience to have success putting those two together," said Daniel Campbell. 

Tim Hval and David Lebeck finished tied for third place with the Everett G&CC team of Matt Epstein and Alexander Mroz and the Willamette Valley CC duo of John Grothe and Blake Netter, all three teams finishing with a total score of 135 (-9).

“The event has a great history, and to be a part of that as a winning team is special.  There are some great teams on that trophy.  Additionally, the camaraderie and teamwork it builds is important to both Daniel and I, and it will only benefit us going forward professionally and personally,” said Cameron Fife on what this event means to him.

The tournament was an excellent showcase of golfing talent, with some exceptional performances from the participants. The Pacific Northwest PGA is proud to have strong sponsor support with Farmers Insurance – Jared Bouchey Agency as our title sponsor, and Sally Schmitz with Bushnell Golf, Bryan Dickson with Sterling Cut Glass, and Ian Crick with StrackaLine as our presenting sponsors. We also welcome our returning supporting sponsors, Matt Pollitt with PTE Golf, Darrell Livingston with GT Golf Supplies, as well as new supporting sponsor Liz Ogle with Sunice.

Congratulations to Cameron Fife and Daniel Campbell from Bellingham Golf & Country Club on their well-deserved victory, and to all the participants for their impressive display of golfing skills. The event was a huge success thanks to the efforts of all involved.
Final Results

Holk's Highlights: Vince Domenzain, PGA

This month we interview Vince Domenzain, recipient of the 2022 PNW PGA Patriot Award. Vince is improving the lives of veterans with golf instruction, golf course access, friendship, and fundraising. His Southern Oregon Military Appreciation Golf Tournament raised over $300,000 for local veterans’ programs and he also runs a PGA HOPE program.

Facility: Stone Ridge Golf Club

Hometown: born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona

PGA Member Since: 1994

Tell us a little bit about your career. Who or what inspired you to become a Golf Professional?

Being introduced to golf at 9 years old and immediately falling in love with the game, it seems I have always been around golf my entire life. I stared by playing as a junior, picking the range, washing golf cars, working the bag room and then into the golf shop. I was fortunate to learn from some great PGA Professionals along the way and always admired what they did and how they did it. They say if you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life. I feel very fortunate.

Can you tell us about your WWII Veteran father and how you were inspired to use the game of golf to help Veterans?

My father, Rudy Domenzain, has always been a mentor to me in many ways. He was always so proud of the time he served in WWII with the Army Air Corps which became the US Air Force.  He always taught me to respect our country and honor those who served and sacrificed. One of my fondest memories with him was when we visited the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. He took the time to read every Veteran’s name that was on the memorial wall. It was very moving for him and for me, with eyes tearing up, showing his respect for our lost Veterans.

My father’s example of respecting Veterans for their sacrifice and of giving back when you have the chance made it an easy decision to get involved. I was lucky as a PGA Professional to have the opportunity and to give back to our Veterans through the Down Range Program and PGA HOPE.

What is the Southern Oregon Military Appreciation Tournament?

While working at another facility we would run various fundraisers for military groups and then they would not continue the next year. A group of us decided to create our own fundraising event and call it The Southern Oregon Military Appreciation Tournament. The event has grown into one of the premier Veterans fundraisers in Southern Oregon and has received a fantastic response from local business sponsors and local golfers. Now in its eleventh year, Stone Ridge Golf Club is proud to carry on this esteemed fundraiser for our local Veterans. Part of this year’s proceeds will assist with the development of the PGA HOPE programs hosted at Stone Ridge GC.

What would you tell other PNW PGA Professionals thinking of taking the free PGA HOPE training or starting a PGA HOPE program at their facility?

As PGA Professionals we have a great opportunity to have training provided by the PGA with the HOPE programs. They have given us all the tools you need to create your own program. Seeing the benefits it brings to our Veterans is as satisfying to me as it is to them. To hear a Veteran say the words, “Golf has saved my life” is all you need to hear to take pride in being in the position as a PGA Professional to help our Veterans.

Thank you, Vince Domenzain!

Pelzer Golf Northwest Open Invitational

The 119th Pelzer Northwest Open Invitational is set to take place at The Home Course on May 22-24. Justin Gravatt, PGA General Manager and Mitch Runge, PGA Head Professional invite you to take part of this historic championship, which will be contested at "the home of golf" in DuPont, Washington.

Upcoming Events

PNW PGA Senior Players' Championship

April 18-19, 2023
Walla Walla, WA – Wine Valley GC
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PNW PGA Mexican Fiesta Pro-Am

Oct 30 - Nov 4, 2023
Villa Del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa
TPC Danzante Bay
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Upcoming Entry Releases


Pelzer Oregon Open Invitational
June 13-15, 2023
Team entry fee: $1,400/$1,460 with professional skins

Upcoming In-Person Education Opportunities

April 10 @ Eugene CC, 7:45 am - 4:00 pm PDT – PGA HOPE Professional Training Session

May 22 @ The Home Course, 7:00 pm PDT – PNW PGA Spring Meeting

Employment Opportunities

Monte Koch, PGA of America Employment Consultant

These are primarily “PGA Professional” only positions posted on the PGA Career Services Job Board: https://jobs.pga.org


Pros on the Move

by Sara Smith, Tournament & Membership Coordinator

Employment Changes
  • John L. Morrow, PGA (A-14) - from Camaloch GC to Morrow Golf
  • Mark A. Savoy, PGA (A-13) - from Green Meadow CC to Wenatchee G&CC
  • Michael J. Schoner, PGA (A-8) - from Sun Willows GC to Canyon Lakes GC
  • Sean E. McGowan, PGA (A-13) - from Cheval Golf and Athletic Club to Meriwether National GC
  • Glenn L. Beatty (B-8) - from Tahoma Valley Golf and CC to Linden G&CC
  • Connor N. Lynch, PGA (A-8) - from Auburn GC to Meadow Park GC
  • Chris D Lungo, PGA (A-4) - from The Plateau Club to Meridian Valley CC
  • Travis D. Wright (B-8) - from Bill Roberts GC to Green Meadow CC
  • James C. Billings, PGA (A-8) - from Juniper GC to Pronghorn
  • Robert A. Rymer, PGA (A-23) - from The Oregon GC to TaylorMade Golf Company
  • Caleb J. Kraus, PGA (A-1) - from The Club At Snoqualmie Ridge to Sahalee CC
Classification Changes
  • Michael E. Horner, PGA (Bill Roberts GC) - from RSV to A-8

New Associates

  • Alex J. Sherry (B-8) - The GC at Newcastle
  • Delmar F. Strader (B -1) - Longview CC
  • Logan M. Sennett (B-8) - Riverside G&CC
  • Kyle M. Wagner (B-8) - University of Idaho GC
  • Joseph B. Gordon (B-8) - Leavenworth GC
  • Michael W Fields (B-1) - Avalon Golf Links
  • Eric M Manning (B-8) - Trysting Tree GC
  • Tyler Villers (B-8) - Diamond Woods GC
  • Tristan G. Smith (B-8) - Meadow Park GC
  • Marvin B. Fenton (B-8) - Riverbend Golf Complex
  • Cameron E. Sjolund (B-8) - Columbia Point GC
  • Coleby M. Loveness (B-8) - The Home Course
  • Chance G. Moseley (B-8) - Deer Park GC
  • Jacob W. Hendricks (B-8) - Swinomish Golf Links

Newly Elected Members

  • (none)

Reinstated Members

  • Vito DeSantis (RSV) - Gig Harbor, WA

Transfers OUT of the Section

  • Mark S. Flitton, PGA - from Prof. Golf Resources, Inc to Alabama - NW Florida Section
  • Michael J. Sizemore, PGA - from Broken Top Club to Northern California Section
  • Matthew R. Hoffman - from Sand Point CC to Tri-State Section
  • Robert J. Mueller, PGA - from Glacier View GC to Middle Atlantic Section
  • Daniel E Shull, PGA - from Eagle Bend GC to South Central Section
  • Thomas S. Farris, PGA - from Anchorage GC to Michigan Section

Transfers INTO the Section

  • Colton R. Stodghill (B-8) to Eagle Bend GC from Southwest Section
  • Hayley R.M. Mortensen, PGA (A-8) to Portland, OR from Southwest Section
  • Richard W. Aprile, PGA (RM) to Whitefish, MT from Northern California Section
  • Joshua D. Clay, PGA (A-13) to Broken Top Club from Southwest Section
  • David F. Wright, PGA () to Lake Oswego, OR from Southern California Section
  • James M. Mundy Jr., PGA (A-13) to Gozzer Ranch Golf & Lake Club from International Section
  • Kevin D. Quartieri (B-8) to Broken Top Club from Colorado Section

Deceased Members

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