November 1, 2022

President's Report

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

As I have hit 50 years old, I have come to realize the impact statements like this have had on my life and success.  My grandma and mom use to preach another one at me too: "Early to bed, early to rise, makes one healthy, wealthy, and wise."  Apparently, that didn’t stick, because I am writing this at 1:01am.

I really do think a culture of teamwork is extremely important.  It needs to be the right people (another: "If you want to be truly successful, surround yourself with truly successful people"), and it must be a culture of positive inclusion.  More than just teamwork, mentoring and networking make teamwork successful.  In the past month, I have had four impactful teamwork experiences I would like to share.

 First, is with our Section.  I am always impressed by our leadership.  I have so enjoyed working with Doug Doxsie, and I would like to be the first to thank him and congratulate him on his impact as our District 14 Director.  He has been an amazing mentor and friend to me and many others.  His dedication to the game, his facility, the Section, and the Association is remarkable. 

I would also like to say that I love working with Frank and the Section Staff.  I have not only had the pleasure of working with Frank, but I have found a great friend that is extremely smart and passionate.  His wife, Suzi is amazing too!  The Section Staff continues to impress me with their ownership in their jobs and continued success, and our Chapter ED’s are amazing.  We are all extremely blessed. 

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Chas Holmes for running for Section Secretary.  Chas is an impressive PGA Pro and is going to do great things in this Section.  Next week, I will have the opportunity to work with our new Section Secretary, John Grothe (Congratulations, John!); VP, Bill Shea; Past President, Howie Pruit; and Frank representing your Pacific Northwest Section at the PGA Annual Meeting.  The experience is all collaboration and teamwork for a whole week.  It should be another wonderful experience. 

My second experience with teamwork and collaboration was at the PGA Hope and Wellness Conference in Washington DC this past week.  I joined Angela Hinzpeter, Pepe Cortez, and Jeff Bojanowski in representing the PNWPGA at the amazing conference and witnessed golf saving lives.  If you haven’t considered hosting a program or supporting a program in your area, please think about getting involved.  The event brought PGA Professionals and Veterans from around the country to collaborate, train, and celebrate the amazing success of this PGA owned program.  During that weekend, I also was able to connect with Chris Runyan—a great friend that I made while serving our Section on the Board of Directors. 

The third impact I experienced this month was at my facility.  I don’t know if you all are aware, but the economy and inflation stink!  My management team, finance committee, and board of directors all came together this month to make difficult decisions for our Club.  Our dues are going to increase by about 20%, and even more in some categories.  The collaboration to do the homework, make tough choices, and be member-centric through the process was difficult for sure. 

Finally, the teamwork of industry professionals and family supporting one another is amazing, particularly PGA Professionals helping each other.  I want to thank James Hochrine, PGA of Tacoma Country and Golf Club for supporting and mentoring me by donating an hour of his time to go through his experience making the same tough decision a year ago. His insight helped me prepare and put my anxiety at ease as I went into the final meeting knowing we are all in the same boat.  Tom Olson, PGA from Club Benchmarking was a fantastic help for us as well, taking my last-minute call and offering to be on call for our board meeting.  I have also been blessed to have the support of my new wife of two months.  Pam has been amazing through a tough season.  She patiently listens to me talk way too much! 

I hope you are experiencing impactful teamwork experiences in your life and PGA journey, too.  If you aren’t right now, please do.  Help your associates move through the program.  Have lunch with a colleague.  Call a fellow Professional or family member for advice.  Check in with a friend you haven’t in too long.  Wish someone happy birthday.  Congratulate someone on a job well done.  Take a moment to thank someone for their service.  Hug someone. 

We live in a tough world.  Ask someone for help if you need it.  We are all in this together.

Happy Thanksgiving!     

Thank you,
Chris Nowlen, PGA
[email protected]

Professionals Win 74th Hudson Cup and 31st Senior Hudson Cup Matches

by Tanner Montgomery, PGA - Manager of Tournament Operations

The 74th edition of the Hudson Cup Matches took place at Tacoma Country & Golf Club on October 20-21. This event, named after Robert Hudson, pairs the top 10 PNW PGA Professionals against the top 10 Pacific Northwest amateurs in matches patterned after the Ryder Cup. The 31st Senior Hudson Cup Matches were held concurrently, where the top 10 PNW PGA senior Professionals compete against the top 10 Pacific Northwest senior amateurs. The teams were selected based on their competitive records throughout the 2022 season and represent the very best of Northwest golf.

After a beautiful first day of the Hudson Cup Matches, the professional team had a commanding lead with 7 ½ points to the amateur team’s 2 ½ points.  The Senior Hudson Cup matches went into the final round with the professionals leading 6 to 4. With rain and wind in the forecast for the singles matches on Friday anything could happen.

As the single matches came to a close, the professionals ended up pulling away with the final score for the two-day event being 13 ½ to 6 ½. The Senior Hudson Cup Matches came down to the wire, with the professionals eking out a very close victory by a score of 10 ½ to 9 ½.   

Congratulations to the 2022 award winners. The awards are presented to the outstanding player on each team as decided by votes of the members of the opposite team. The Charles Congdon Award went to Paul Mitzel, the Larry Lamberger Award was presented to PGA Professional Ryan Benzel. In the Senior Matches, the Bill Eggers Award was presented to Greg Chianello while PGA Professional Jeff Gove was bestowed the Bob McKendrick Award.

We had four players undefeated this year. Congratulations to PGA Professionals Jeff Gove and Tony Robydek as well as amateurs Greg Chianello and Brad Karns for their incredible performances.

The PNW PGA would like to thank PGA Professionals, General Manager James Hochrine and Head Professional Brett Eaton as well as all their staff for the amazing work they did in hosting this prestigious event. Thank you to the captains Chris Griffin, Mike Gove, Karl Smith and Jim McNelis for being such great captains for their teams. Thank you to our friends at WA Golf and OGA for our continued partnership.

CLICK HERE to view 74th Hudson Cup Match Results

CLICK HERE to view 31st Senior Hudson Cup Match Results


My trip to Washington DC and what I learned about a program that has literally saved lives.

by Angela Hinzpeter - Director of Special Operations

There is an undeniable bond between veterans.  You sign that dotted line, take that oath, promise to protect your country and fellow soldiers no matter the cost.  That takes a certain type of dedication.  Veterans no matter the age or branch of service, only they truly understand life in the military.  They are family, they are a community.

For many veterans, transitioning back into civilian life leaves them feeling like something is missing.  Some veterans just feel lonely and need that sense of community. Some veterans are left with TBI’s (Traumatic Brain Injury), PTSD or even loss of limbs.  The risk of severe depression or suicide is still a huge issue, even today.  PGA HOPE is about gathering veterans, making those connections, creating that community, and giving them something to look forward to.  Golf is just the tool that you as PGA Professionals use to help.  It is fun and very rewarding.  Any veteran can go through the program and many times, they end up taking up the game of golf.

If you host a PGA HOPE program, you are not doing so on your own dime.  You will be reimbursed for your time, any greens fees, range balls, carts, etc.  It is a 6–8-week program, one day a week for usually about 2 hours.  Ryan Young of Chambers Bay has been hosting PGA Hope programs for about 6 years now and he absolutely cherishes the friendships he has made.  Unfortunately, Ryan’s wait list to get into his class is extremely long and he needs your help. 

Chris Nowlen- WM Chapter, Chris Runyan- IE Chapter, Vince Domenzian- OR Chapter and Ryan Young- WW Chapter are the only PGA Professionals running PGA HOPE programs in our Section.  We have the largest geographical section in the United States.  We need you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. I would love to hear from you. Thank you for your dedication to this wonderful game of golf.

Angela Hinzpeter - [email protected]

The Pacific Northwest Section is holding a fundraiser for PGA HOPE. 100% of the money that is raised will be used in our Section towards our programs.  Any donation amount is much appreciated.


Holk's Highlights: George Mack, Jr., PGA

This month we profile George Mack, Jr., PGA, a Pacific Northwest PGA legend! George grew up in one of Oregon’s most prolific amateur golf families with double-digit wins in the Oregon Coast Invitational by his father, himself and his three sisters. His sister, Lara Tennant, was inducted into the Pacific Northwest Golf Hall of Fame in 2022.

Facility: Black Butte Ranch – Big Meadow – Sisters, OR

PGA Member since: 1993

The Oregon Coast Invitational was an annual family vacation and George was introduced to golf at a young age through caddying at the tournament. Jerry Mowlds, PGA ran the junior golf program at Columbia Edgewater CC, where his family were members. While George credits his father as his short game guru, he met many great golfers at Columbia Edgewater who inspired him as well including Dick Yost, Don Krieger and Brent Murray.

George became one of Oregon’s best amateur players, winning the Oregon Mid-Amateur Championship (1989) and Oregon Amateur Championship (1990) before turning professional.

George’s greatest success as a golfer came in 1992 in the second stage of the PGA Tour’s National Qualifying School, when he closed strong with a 3-under 33 on the back nine to advance into Q-School’s final stage. That earned him exempt status on the 1993 Nike Tour (now known as the Tour), where he logged five top-25 finishes. In 1994, George moved on to the Asian Tour. In 1995, Mack joined the Pacific Northwest Section, where he has won many events including:

  • 2001 Oregon PGA Championship
  • 2015 PNW PGA Senior Professional Championship
  • 2019 PNW PGA Senior Players Championship

As an engaged and committed PGA teacher and coach, George Mack, Jr. has primarily relied on the teachings of Chuck Hogan.  Mack has been the Director of Instruction at Black Butte Ranch (OR) and Rio Verde Country Club (AZ) for several years/seasons. His “Winning Philosophy” includes “Great golf requires reacting and blending with the target and its conditions, making confidence a more controlled state.”

Monte Koch interviewed George Mack, Jr. on the “Fore the Best” podcast:

In Part I, George talks about his family and early career

In Part II, George shares his mentors and teaching philosophy

Player of the Year Points Lists

Rolex Player of the Year - FINAL
1. Colin Inglis - 580
2. Derek Berg - 402.5
3. Jeff Coston - 390
Rolex Sr. Player of the Year-FINAL
1. Jeff Coston - 502.5
2. Billy Bomar - 405
3. Jeff Gove - 355
Assistant Player of the Year
1. Colin Inglis - 557.5
2. Shane Prante - 547.5
3. Craig Crandall - 437.5

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Monte Koch, PGA of America Employment Consultant

These are primarily “PGA Professional” only positions posted on the PGA Career Services Job Board:


Pros on the Move

by Sara Smith, Tournament & Membership Coordinator

Employment Changes
  • John L. Eisentrout (B-8) - from Eagles Pride GC @ Ft. Lewis to Westside Golf Range
  • Paul M. Knue, PGA (A-11) - from Seattle GC to Western Golf Association
  • Jean-Luc W Birchfield (B-20) - from Jackson Park GC to Srixon/Cleveland Golf
  • Matthew T. Fredrickson, PGA (A-11) - from Eugene CC to Semiahmoo G&CC
  • Gretchen A. Weber, PGA (A-20) - from Whoosh Inc to Sahalee CC
Classification Changes
  • (none)

New Associates

  • Joshua L. Burgher (B-8) - Allenmore Public GC
  • Colin J. Campbell (B-8) - Sahalee CC
  • Rick D. Ward (B-8) - Willamette Valley CC
  • Ayden E. Ganitano (B-8_ Lake Spanaway GC
  • Bryce T. Tirrill (B-8) - Bend GC

Newly Elected Members

  • (none)

Transfers OUT of the Section

  • Colton R. Stodghill - from Eagle Bend GC to Southwest Section
  • Ryan S. Malby, PGA - from Kalispell, MT to Southwest Section

Transfers INTO the Section

  • Rielly K. Manger (B-8) to The Ranch Club from Rocky Mountain Section
  • Bob A. Hickam, PGA (LM) to Carnation, WA from Southern California Section

New Quarter Century Club Members

  • Jeffrey A. Bender, PGA (A-14) - Columbia Point GC
  • Mel D. Fish, PGA (LM) - Bellingham, WA

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