February 1, 2021

President's Report

Good-bye 2020… and hello 2021! What did January bring us? Riots at the Capitol, our nation’s COVID-19 death toll reaching 400,000, another impeachment, the swearing in of a new administration, and the death of a sports icon. And that is only January of this year so far. What did we learn? I believe we learned some valuable lessons. We learned that our democracy is strong, COVID-19 is an indiscriminate killer, and that racism can’t diminish achievement. I took away some other key ideas from the events of this year that I will share with you: Unity, Passion, Strength and Grace.

Unity or Oneness: The state of being wholly united with or a part of someone or something. How is this applicable to our Section? Think of our mission statement, “Serve the member and grow the game.” Your officers and board members continuously filter everything that we do through that statement. More importantly, with five diverse chapters, we can’t always be aligned with day-to-day operations. However, by focusing on our mission, we can be united as a whole.

Passion: Sharing intense feelings. Why is it essential to be passionate in our roles? Think about how many people we interact with each day. Using the example of teaching, if you give five lessons a week for a month, that’s twenty people a month, and over six months, that’s 120 people you impact directly. People feel your passion and embrace it.

Strength: The ability to withstand strain. We have all had to show strength this last year in all facets of our jobs. People have been suffering and continue to suffer, and for many, golf has been a release. Our ability to be empathic and supportive creates a caring environment and positive experience for our customers/members and our staffs.

Grace: To confer dignity or honor. Hank Aaron received hate mail death and threats to himself and his family as he closed in on, and passed, Babe Ruth’s record. Throughout this, he displayed grace; while it was painful, he quietly did his job. It’s important as leaders to display grace every day. Some days it is easier than others, but it must remain a bedrock in everything we do.

I believe 2021 will overall be a year of promise and success with Unity, Passion, Strength and Grace as our guiding principles.  We are united as we strive to “serve the member and grow the game” and we share a passion for this great game. We will get through our difficulties and celebrate our successes with strength and grace.

Congratulations to the three PGA members from the Pacific Northwest Section who have been selected for the 2021-2022 Class of PGA LEAD: Brian Bussinger of Chambers Bay, Carl Hetterle of Semiahmoo G&CC and Patrick Oropallo of Oak Knoll GC. They join 12 others from around the country, selected as emerging leaders to further the PGA’s commitment to diversity in governance and volunteer leadership.

I’d like to end with a quote from Hank Aaron: “In playing ball, and in life, a person occasionally gets the opportunity to do something great. When that time comes, only two things matter: being prepared to seize the moment and having the courage to take your best swing.”

Please stay safe and healthy,

Howie Pruitt, PGA
Director, Golf Operations, Aspen Lakes GC
President, Pacific Northwest Section
Cell: 541-390-7875

Holk's Highlights: John Grothe, PGA

This month we interview John Grothe, who received the Section’s highest honor in being chosen as the 2020 Golf Professional of the Year. He is also greatly involved with the Children’s Cancer Association. 

Facility: Willamette Valley CC

Hometown: Carmel, CA

PGA Member Since: 2001

Tell us about your golf beginnings.  How did you get started? 

I came to golf a bit later in life. When I was 18, I began working at the Pebble Beach Resorts as a busser in a restaurant overlooking the first tee of the famed course. Working at Pebble, my passion for the game was supported and encouraged. I am a bit embarrassed to say my first full round of golf was at Pebble Beach Golf Links. What I shot will remain a closely guarded secret, but I did lose 17 balls in 16 holes before I parred 17 and 18 with my last golf ball.

Who are or were your mentors?

Early in my career – Jim Langley, Laird Small and RJ Harper

Middle of my career – Sean McGowan and Jerry Mowlds

Later in my career – Harold Bluestein, Sean Fredrickson and Barb Trammel

You are often seen playing in Section and Oregon Chapter tournaments. What are your favorite Section event and Oregon Chapter event to play in?

I try to play in as many events as my schedule allows. This year I am scheduled to play in 16 events. My favorites are the PNW Pro-Am, Pro-Assistant and the Bandon Pro-Am. Basically any time I can lean on my partner!

You serve on the Children’s Cancer Association Ambassador Board, and are a national speaker and parent advocate as well. Please tell us what the CCA means to you.

At 18-months-old, my son Colton started having seizures. What began as a mere eye flutter, eventually escalated into 5-hour long episode and a medically induced coma. Facing the real possibility of losing our son, I was full of doubt and fear. I questioned what our future would bring and how I would summon the strength to face every day. Eventually, we told Colton it was OK to leave us.

It was in that moment, at our lowest point, there was a quiet knock on the PICU door – that’s when CCA walked into the room. A young man in a purple shirt representing the MyMusic Rx program asked if he could play for Colton as he lay in his coma. Ever so softly the young man strummed and sang on his ukulele. It was a simple song and a simple action but it gave us a moment of reflection. It gave us hope when we had none.

Over a few weeks, Colton slowly re-emerged and it was CCA’s MyMusicRx program he engaged with first. A music specialist visited Colton daily and before long, Colton was chirping to his favorite songs. The evident joy within him and the hope within us had been restored thanks to CCA.

It was because of this experience I got involved with CCA.  CCA provides JOY to seriously ill children around the country as they transform pediatric care.

"Stay Involved" Education Series

All times listed in Pacific Standard Time
Check your email or the 
Online Member Handbook (Section ForeTees) for Google Meet join information!
  • February 2 @ 9 AM: Growing the Game From Your Youngest Golfers - presented by Sara Griffin
  • February 9 @ 11 AM: Building your Brand for Success: Starting Today - presented by Monte Koch
  • February 16 @ 1 PM: G P S, Golfer Positioning System - presented by Bob Duncan
Full Schedule

Employment Opportunities

Monte Koch, PGA of America Employment Consultant

These are primarily “PGA Professional” only positions posted on the PGA Career Services Job Board: https://jobs.pga.org

Internship, non-PGA positions, strictly retail and “franchise” ownership positions will not be listed here.Please visit jobs.pga.org to see these types of opportunities. 

Note: these are listed as of  12 PM, January 29, 2021. Positions listed here are not guaranteed to be available. Visit jobs.pga.org to see the most current listings.

Assistant Golf Professional Positions (Full-time, not Internships)

Teaching and Coaching Positions

Management Positions

Note: not all positions like these will be posted here in all cases; instead, postings here will, generally, be at the request/approval of the Employer.

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Pros on the Move

by Robin Lindsey, Tournament & Membership Coordinator

Employment Changes
  • Brett D. Eaton, PGA (A-1) - from Semiahmoo G&CC to Tacoma C&GC
  • Robert S. Harbottle, PGA (A-20) - from Tacoma C&GC to Pacific Golf & Turf
  • Carl J. Hetterle, PGA (A-8) - from Semiahmoo G&CC to Tacoma C&GC
  • Scott M. Leritz, PGA (A-1) - from Oswego Lake CC to Royal Oaks CC
  • Garrett M.D. Payton, PGA (A-1) - from The Club At Snoqualmie Ridge to Peninsula GC
  • Kyle J Preston (B-1) - from Wenatchee G&CC to Washington National GC
  • Robert E. Wells (B-8) - from Gamble Sands to The Club At Snoqualmie Ridge
Classification Changes
  • Adam M. Englehorn, PGA (Meridian Valley CC) - from A-8 to A-1
  • Nathaniel P. Kitt, PGA (Broken Top Club) - from A-8 to A-6
  • Carl J. Nagel, PGA (Twin Lakes Village GC) - from A-8 to A-1

New Associates

  • Robert J. Burkett (B-1) - Quail Point GC
  • Grant C. Cation (B-8) - Alderbrook Golf and Yacht Club
  • Marc R. Chandonnet (B-12) - Seattle University
  • Ryder T. DeSteunder (B-8) Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Newly Elected Members

  • Alec H. Bahnick, PGA (A-8) - Seattle GC
  • Geoffrey E. Buchanan, PGA (A-8) - Butte CC
  • Selanee A. Henderson, PGA (A-24) - Epic GC
  • Jason R. Himple, PGA (A-8) - Everett G&CC
  • Ga Ryung Park, PGA (A-8) Sand Point CC
Transfers INTO the Section
  • (none)
Transfers OUT of the Section
  • Larry G Dealy, PGA - from Lincoln City, OR to Southern Texas Section
  • Patrick C. Fitzsimons, PGA - from Salem, OR to Southwest Section
  • Brad Hansen, PGA - from Blanchard, ID to Utah Section
  • Sean C. Riley, PGA - from Lagardère Sports to Rocky Mountain Section
  • Brent Webber, PGA - from Everett G&CC to Northern California Section
  • Keith Williams, PGA - from Kent, WA to Rocky Mountain Section
New Half Century Club Members
  • Ronnie G. Hagen, PGA
Deceased Members

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