CEO's Report

A "Good Grip" on 2021

Frank Talarico

Happy New Year!  My best wishes to you, your loved ones, your respective colleagues, and your facilities for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2021.  The PNW PGA Section is poised for a successful new year.  We have planned for it.  On December 14, 2020, the Section Board of Directors held its annual Winter Planning Meeting.  In addition to reviewing chapter operational and financial plans for the coming year, discussing Section Committee reports, and evaluating the Section’s current financial position, the Board of Directors reviewed and approved the 2021 Section Operating Budget.  While the Section’s Strategic Plan shapes our operational vision and priorities, our budget details how we will prudently administer member funds to achieve our collective goals on your behalf.  I am happy to report that this budget will do that and remain steadfast to our mission.

As a reminder, the PNW PGA Section Strategic Plan focuses on six key areas:

The section’s strategic plan establishes the goals for our operations and suggests the activities we might execute to achieve our plans.  There is no limit to what we can achieve if we ensure that our focus, our resources, and our energy are in alignment.  In everything we do, the section will always seek to “Serve the members and grow the game.”

In addition to continuing our existing, successful programs, 2021 will witness a deepening of our member services in key areas.  In the area of tournaments, the section has established a new position to best support operations.  The Manager of Tournament Operations position was drafted and promoted in partnership with Monte Koch, PGA and, after a successful search, we are proud to announce that Tanner Montgomery, PGA has been selected.  Many of you already have a successful relationship with Tanner from his tenure as the Executive Director for the Inland Empire and Central Washington chapters. In 2021, funds will be mobilized to add and ensure additional Section resources to serve the chapters in a more comprehensive manner.

Chapters in 2021 will enjoy deepened support around sponsorship work, player development opportunities, and media relations and branding services.  As we continue to emerge from a COVID environment, I will continue to increase the critical resources each of our chapters need to best serve members in the short and long term.  The position Tanner formerly held in service to the Inland Empire and Central Washington chapters also had section-level responsibilities for tournament operations.  Those job duties are now removed so that this Executive Director position can devote one hundred percent of his or her attention and energy to the service of our chapters.  Look forward to the opening of that position in the coming weeks.

Everything we aim to achieve in 2021 will be to advance our Members and the game. Nevertheless, we still operate in uncertain times so our vision for the year and the plans we have made must also consider flexibility in our thinking and our actions, should COVID-19 have any lingering impact on our operations. Regrettably, the pandemic forced the cancellation of the 2021 Hawaii Pro Am. Pro-ams, as we all are aware, represent a meaningful source of revenue to the section to fund member programs.

As an example of our flexibility and agility, the Section moved quickly to expand our pro-am field size in Vegas, encouraging our very generous sponsor to support the larger event and negotiating an expanded capacity at the host facilities without an increase in rates.  Look for the announcement of a prospective second 2021 Pro-Am, to further reinforce the revenue lost due to Hawaii’s cancellation.

Further to COVID protocols, for all the latest, most up-to-date information on the pandemic and directives from appropriate authorities, confidently rely upon our online member handbook. Notably, the states of Oregon and Washington updated their COVID guidance this week. As other states may update their COVID-19 protocols, those documents will also be available:

Online Member Handbook (Section ForeTees)

You will also find them on the Section ForeTees app. Despite operating in a challenged, COVID business climate, I expect to modestly increase sponsorships in the coming year. In 2021‒and beyond‒the section is working alongside each chapter to ensure that all of us benefit from sponsorship opportunities.  This not only means sharing saleable deliverables, but also includes cooperatively sourcing and closing new sponsors.  The section can only be as strong as our least successful chapter, and all chapters shall be successful.

As Ben Hogan instructs, “Good golf begins with a good grip.”  The PNW PGA is ready for 2021 because the section has a “good grip” on the coming year.  I, along with the Section Board of Directors and staff, are confident that 2021 will prove to be a successful year for us all.  It is our obligation to afford our members the critical services and resources necessary to ensure our collective success, and we intend to fulfill that obligation.

Should you ever have any questions, never hesitate to contact me.

Frank Talarico, CEO

District 14 Director's Report

Doug Doxsie, PGA

I hope everyone had a nice holiday season and is looking forward to the new golf season coming fast upon us. While we enjoy a little more “off-season” and free time, I wanted to encourage you to take advantage of a couple virtual opportunities we have as PGA Members and Associates.

First, the PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit is Monday, January 25th. We all have the opportunity to attend this summit virtually and listen to over six hours of presentations from the best of the best, while sitting in the comfort of your home or office and not having to travel! I am very excited about the speakers, which include Jim McLean, Pete Cowan and Urban Meyer, to name just a few. You can register through, at a reasonable cost that is related to your PGA membership status.

Secondly, the annual PGA Merchandise Show, usually held in Orlando January 26-29, has moved to a virtual format as well. You can view new product launch events, network with vendors, view product showrooms, attend education sessions, and view industry presentations. Reed Expo has worked hard to create show opportunities virtually and I am excited to see some product and prepare for the season.

With the transition of PGA National Officers every two years, the National Committees reset as well. National Committee members and the chairs serve two-year appointments, and all committees are now activating to begin their work. In my opinion, it is one of most important governance functions of the PGA of America. The committees provide valuable input to our PGA Board of Directors and staff on our programs, activities and operations. I am a big proponent of our committee system and it is alive and well. We have many PNWPGA Section Professionals on national committees to represent us. I am the Co-Chair of the Membership Committee and a member of the Properties Advisory Committee (PAC). If you ever have questions about these areas, please reach out. You can also find the names of all Committee Members on, and I am sure they would all welcome hearing from you if you have an opinion, idea or concern.

As I mention in each article, I am here to represent and serve you on the PGA of America Board of Directors. I continue to encourage you to reach out if I can help you. Sometimes I wonder if that message gets across, but with the decision and announcement to move the PGA Championship from Trump Bedminster in 2022, I did hear from many of you!  I can now confirm you know how to get in touch with me!  Keep your feedback coming on any PGA of America topic.

Doug Doxsie, PGA
Seattle Golf Club
PGA District 14 Director

PGA Jr. League

Branden Thompson, PGA - Regional League Manager

Here are some details regarding PGA Jr. League and PGA Family Cup.

Captain Registration

The time is now to get your program registered for the 2021 season.  Please register by the end of January so we can get a good jump on league formation and creating schedules.  It’s been proven that the sooner you have a schedule the easier it is to recruit players. 

2021 Captain Registration

Pre-Registration Planning Tool for PGA Jr. League

Use this tool to help you get your program details organized for the 2021 season before registering.  Remember, you can always change some details after registering if your plans change.  Just getting started is a huge help. 

PGA Jr. League Pre-Registration Planning Tool

PGA Jr. League 17u

This is the year to offer the 17u program.  There are many potential golfers to fill your team.  Think of the players that have aged out of the 13u program and also reach out to those teens you’ve seen taking up the game during the last year. 

PGA Jr. League Postseason Plans

I’ve been asked a few times about the postseason or All-Star season.  Yes, we are planning to conduct a full postseason.  Each 13u and 17u league is eligible to send a team.  Players must be 10-13 years old to be eligible.  The qualifying rounds for the PGA Jr. League PNW Section Championship are scheduled for August 7-8, sites TBD.  The Section Championship is scheduled for August 21st.  Regional Championships will be held in early/mid-September.  The National Championship will be held in mid-October. 

PGA Family Cup

The newest way for you to engage with your consumers is by running one or more PGA Family Cup events.  You can learn more at or by contacting me.  It’s a great way to get the entire family you’ve seen watching their PGA Jr. Leaguer on the course with their kids.

Let me know how I can help you have a great 2021!


Branden Thompson, PGA

Building Blocks of Your Career Series

Monte Koch, PGA of America Employment Consultant

Part 5: Always Interviewing

“Take advantage of every opportunity to practice your communication skills so that when important occasions arise, you will have the gift, the style, the sharpness, the clarity, and the emotions to affect other people.” – Jim Rohn

oceans eleventIn the famous movie, “Ocean’s Eleven” (2001), a memorable line comes out as the movie reaches its finale. Tess (played by Julia Roberts) says to Terry Benedict (the owner of the casino/hotel, played by Andy Garcia): “You of all people should know Terry, in your hotel, there’s always someone watching.”

Every day, in every public interaction or behavior, we all have the opportunity to raise our brand or decrease our brand. Because, just as Tess said in Ocean’s Eleven, “there’s always someone watching.” 

Should we dread or fear the watching, should we ignore it…or would we be advised to consider each of these public interactions as an opportunity to shine? If it’s the latter, how do we shine then?

Most of these opportunities TO SHINE (or tarnish) our reputation authentically are going to be in public situations.

To reiterate the point once more, someone is always watching and usually they’re keeping score. Are you putting “good points” on the scoreboard or drawing them down? Are you spending time networking with strong, highly professional mentors who are elevating your score, your values and the meaning in your life?

Life is best played with integrity with an intentional commitment to making it count. Let’s commit for the rest of 2021 that we will make our career count as we leverage each day we’re given to impact, encourage and uplift those we work with, those we serve and those we impact.

Monte Koch, PGA Certified Professional/Player Development | Career Consultant
PGA Career Services | PGA of America
Serving PGA professionals, employers in the Pacific NW & Rocky Mountain PGA Sections
Email: Cell: 206/335-5260

Career Planning and Coaching

Employment Opportunities

Monte Koch, PGA of America Employment Consultant

These are primarily “PGA Professional” only positions posted on the PGA Career Services Job Board:

Internship, non-PGA positions, strictly retail and “franchise” ownership positions will not be listed here.Please visit to see these types of opportunities.


Listed in order of most recent first. Note: these are listed as of 5 PM, January 14, 2021. Positions listed here are not guaranteed to be available. Visit to see the most current listings.

Job Title Facility
1st ASSISTANT GOLF PROFESSIONAL The Club at Brasada Canyon, Powell Butte, OR
ASSISTANT GOLF PROFESSIONAL The Club at Rock Creek, Coeur d’Alene, ID
ASSISTANT GOLF PROFESSIONAL Rock Creek Cattle Company, Deer Lodge, MT
2nd ASSISTANT GOLF PROFESSIONAL Riverside Golf & CC, Portland, OR
ASSISTANT GOLF PROFESSIONAL (Seasonal) Wenatchee G&CC, Wenatchee, WA


Job Title Facility


Note: not all positions like these will be posted here; instead, postings will generally be at the request/approval of the employer.

Job Title Facility
HEAD GOLF PROFESSIONAL Pumpkin Ridge - Witch Hollow, North Plains, OR
HEAD GOLF PROFESSIONAL (Seasonal, Lead Golf Host Pro) Links at Silvies Ranch, Seneca, OR
HEAD GOLF PROFESSIONAL Pumpkin Ridge - Ghost Creek, North Plains, OR

It’s Time To Update Your Job Preferences

CareerLinks is now a thing of the past! Take just a few minutes and update your Job Preferences today. If you want to see current job opportunities, you need to update your Job Preferences on Unlike the old CL profile, this just takes 2-3 mins (not 20+) .

By updating your "Job Preferences" on, you'll start to see open positions similar to your preferences listed on your dashboard (see picture below.)

We are asking PGA Members and Associates to make these updates, even if you aren't an active job seeker:

Click here to get started


Renew (or Establish) Your WHS GHIN

As many of you are aware, last year we transitioned to the World Handicap System.  In 2021 we will utilize WHS GHIN numbers again for our Section and Chapter tournament schedules. 

If you paid for a 2020 handicap through the Section, it expired on December 31, 2020. You will need to either activate your existing GHIN number at your club or purchase your handicap for 2021 through us.

Except for members of the Western Montana Chapter (who need to purchase directly through the Montana State Golf Association), you may renew or establish a new GHIN through the Section. The annual fee is $10. 

If you are registering for a brand new GHIN #, we will establish your handicap and send you your GHIN #. 

Renew or Establish a GHIN Through the Section

Many of you have GHIN numbers through your club. If you did not send it to us last year, please send it to us via the link provided below or just email it to me at and we will add it into our master roster.

If you already have a WHS handicap at your facility, we just need your GHIN #. We’ll add it to the master roster and it will prepopulate when you register for an event.

Provide Your GHIN Maintained Through Your Club

A Few Important Details

The Section and Chapters will still post all scores from PGA events. The new process will provide for professionals to post all additional scores in accordance with WHS requirements.

Professionals will not be required to maintain a handicap to be eligible to compete in Section and Chapter events. Please see the FAQ’s regarding the specifics relevant by chapter for those without a WHS handicap.

What if a professional chooses not to maintain a WHS handicap?

The Section and each chapter will maintain a process similar to 2020 in regard to using handicaps in our competitions.

Just like in 2020, Central WA, Inland Empire, Western Montana and Western WA will make anyone without a handicap (or a plus handicap) a 0 in both the team and individual competitions.

In Oregon, all OPGA events utilize plus handicaps in both the team and individual games and the plan is to continue in the same manner. If you are a plus handicap, and choose not to get a WHS handicap, they will simply use your closing 2019 index and add 1 for your handicap. If you are not a plus handicap and choose not to maintain a WHS handicap, you will not be eligible for any individual net purse and will play as a zero.

For the Section events, just like in 2020, plus players and no handicap players will be a 0 in the team game and use their handicap (including plus) in the individual game.  The only adjustment here is that professionals who chose not to maintain a handicap will not be eligible for any individual net purse. For the Section, the individual net purses are a very minor part of any particular competition.

Contact Molly Cooper with questions:

Upcoming Events

PNW PGA “Stay Involved” Education

Teaching Teachers to Teach
Jan 20 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Presented by Jeff Coston

Young Leaders Roundtable: HPs and GMs at Private Clubs
Jan 22 @ 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm
Presented by Monte Koch

Young Leaders Roundtable: HPs and GMs at Daily Fee Courses
Jan 25 @ 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm
Presented by Monte Koch

Rebuilding Your Group Business Model, Sales Plan and Calendar
Jan 26 @ 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm
Presented by Monte Koch

Innovating, Mobilizing and Merchandising Your Golf Shop in 2021: Daily Fee Panel
Jan 27 @ 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm
Presented by Monte Koch

Innovating, Mobilizing and Merchandising Your Golf Shop in 2021: Private Club Panel
Jan 28 @ 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm
Presented by Monte Koch

Better Practices for Retaining New Members
Jan 29 @ 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm
Presented by Monte Koch

Full Education Schedule

Check out the 2021 tournament schedule below!

2021 Tournament Schedule

January 15, 2021

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