CEO's Report

Jeff Ellison, PGA

After 50 days of talking about what’s closed, we are finally shifting to conversations about what’s the next thing to open. It’s a welcome shift in attitude and we are all really hoping to make progress in a safe and sane manner.  Those of you in Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and Montana were joined last week by professionals in Washington in welcoming golfers again to their facilities. It’s nice to have everyone open and operating in a manner to keep staff and golfers safe. With the shift in focus, this article will take a very positive tone that events will happen and we will compete again. That being said, we will not lose sight of the need to follow guidelines and operate responsibly. We are counting on all of you and the guests you bring to pro-am’s, despite any personal views they may have, to also follow the guidelines established for our events. Remember, do this right and it’s temporary!

Our tournament schedules have been in a state of flux and are beginning to form into an executable plan. Please read your chapter and section emails for the latest updates. As our states publish new guidance, you’ll see events return. I’d like to say we’ll give you two weeks notice, but if we are allowed to play and your leaders feel it’s appropriate, we’ll play. As you monitor the official guidance in your state, you can judge what our operations will look like in the near future. Prepare accordingly.

By now you know the Section schedule has changed dramatically. The Muckleshoot Casino Washington Open Invitational is now June 29-30 and that we will contest the Oregon Open Invitational at Arrowhead GC on July 14-15. Still on its original schedule, the Northwest Open Invitational Pro-Am should also be on your radar as we support the Folds of Honor at Wine Valley GC on August 15-16.

Click here for information on the pro-am and bring a team!

Entries have not been published but we still have the Hawaii Pro-Am on the schedule for January 14-21, 2021 at the Sheraton Maui Resort and Spa. Let’s look forward to conditions that make that event the popular escape it’s been for 45 years.

To help you capitalize on this time and improve your knowledge and skills, we continue our “Stay Involved” webinars with seven more already scheduled. These have been well received and we continue to build out a wide variety of topics.

Check out the full schedule here

Don’t forget to regularly visit our COVID-19 resource page. We stay on top the ever-changing regulatory environment to help you navigate all the changes. If you see something out of date, please let me know so I can keep us current. Staying on top of five states is fun! The latest addition to this page are the results of our COVID-19 Survey. We’ve also added posters from the Back2Golf program to help you share the message at your facility.

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Thanks to the efforts of the PGA of America to solicit industry support and provide matching funds for the program, Phase II of the Golf Emergency Relief Fund is coming soon. Look for news from the PGA of America when Phase II applications become available.

Click here for information on the Golf Emergency Relief Fund application

Your Chapter staff continues preparations for the resumption of play. Yes, it’s coming. Please reach out to them if you have questions or concerns. The team in the Section office continues to work remotely and has been working reduced hours since late April to manage your funds effectively. Please visit the Section website for a list of staff emails. We appreciate your understanding that our limited hours may delay the response times you are accustomed to seeing. We are here for you; it just may take a day to reply.

 Stay safe and I hope to see you soon,

Jeff Ellison, PGA

District 14 Director's Report

Doug Doxsie, PGA

With the return of limited golf in the State of Washington, it appears our entire section is open for golf to some degree and many of us are returning to work. For those who are not working yet, I sincerely hope the opportunity comes soon to get back to what we love ‒ playing, promoting, and servicing the game. I hope everyone is coping with our constantly evolving new normal. Most importantly, I hope everyone is healthy and safe.

I am happy to report that Phase 1 of the Golf Relief Emergency Fund was a huge success and provided opportunities for those in the golf business with financial need to get some help during this crisis. I received quite a few great notes from those in our section who received some assistance. I am proud of the PGA of America for their efforts with this program. It was especially great to see some of that fund help our PNW PGA Professionals. Phase 2 of this relief fund with be announced in the coming weeks so be on the lookout for this information.

As I have mentioned before, is your key resource for the latest news and information from our Association. I encourage you to check it out daily for helpful information about the COVID-19 crisis and other important information beneficial to all of us as PGA Members and Associates. My ask is that you make it a regular habit, as it is to your benefit.

I wish I had more to report from National right now. Everyone is working hard to help PGA Professionals navigate this challenge. There has been incredible support of the Sections by the PGA of America and if there is one benefit to all of this, the relationship and communication between national and sections has never been better. Everyone is working for the good of the members, our association and the game.

Like all of you, I have my hands full with opening and establishing protocols for our facilities. Yet, I yearn for the simple joy of playing in a Pro-Member or a Section Major. Your Section Board of Directors and Staff are working tirelessly to get these things started as soon as is practical and safe. Once we can start some events, I hope you can schedule some quality golf time and take a break from the chaos we are all enduring. Let’s not forget why we chose this profession and enjoy some golf!

Please reach out if there is anything I can help you with. I am a simple phone call or email away.

Doug Doxsie, PGA
Seattle Golf Club
PGA District 14 Director

Employment/Unemployment Resources

PGA Job Board

Internship, non-PGA positions, strictly retail and “franchise” ownership positions will not be listed here. These are listed as of 8 am, May 14, 2020. Note: each posting is subject to the “resume close date” and will close at the time set by the employer.

Assistant Golf Professional Positions (Full-time, not Internships)

Listed in order of most recent first. Note: these are listed as of 8 AM, April 14, 2020. Positions listed here are not guaranteed to be available. Visit to see the most current listings.

Job Title Facility PGA Contact (if applicable)
ASSISTANT GOLF PROFESSIONAL Druids Glen Golf Club, Covington, WA  
SECOND ASSISTANT GOLF PROFESSIONAL Twin Lakes Golf & CC, Federal Way, WA Josh Scothorne

Management Positions (HP, DOG, GM or similar) 

Note: not all positions like these will be posted here; instead, postings will generally be at the request/approval of the employer.

Job Title Facility PGA Contact (if applicable)
GENERAL MANAGER Golf Club at Redmond Ridge, Redmond, WA  
HEAD GOLF PROFESSIONAL Lake Spanaway GC, Tacoma, WA Brent Zepp, PGA

Teaching & Coaching Golf Professional Positions

Job Title Facility PGA Contact (if applicable)

Unemployment Resources

State Labor Offices

Click the link, and then click on your home state – then click in the table to go directly to the labor department website. Do you feel that you are not receiving the same amount of income now as you did in 2019? If your answer is yes, you should consider applying for unemployment right away.

State: Secondary state option:
Idaho ID for Employees
Montana MT for Employees MT for Self-Employed/ICs
Oregon Oregon CARES Act 1-Pager
Washington State (Employment Services) Washington State (Layoff Assistance)

If you are a 1099 employee, an S-Corp or an LLC (eg. some part of your income is from a source that is not a W-2, or own your own shop, there may be options for you. As a 1099, you may benefit most from unemployment. If you’re an S-Corp or an LLC, your best option may be the Payroll Protection Program (PPP).

Candidate for Secretary: Bill Shea

As the world has dealt with COVID-19, what have you learned over the last few weeks about your Section, the Chapters and the PGA of America?

It is a very interesting question as there have been so many challenges throughout this process.

Each state has guidelines as to what is allowed in terms of golfing opportunities. Since the PNW Section is the largest geographical Section in the country covering five states, we face our own set of challenges trying to accommodate and plan for future events. As I sit here and write this article, Washington State has been open for three days allowing twosomes only while some places in Oregon have never shut down. Every Chapter is unique to this pandemic. Your Section Board has been having weekly meetings for the past month. We have been collaborating on ideas, policies and structure changes to ensure we are as financially sound as possible, while providing safe and healthy measures for our return to the “new normal”.

I feel like our section has been doing a good job providing different resources to our membership while communicating effectively on a consistent basis. The survey that was sent out on how individual facilities were responding to COVID-19 crisis was well received with over 230 responses. The results of that survey will be released shortly.

The Section also has some excellent resources on the PNWPGA website. There is a link through ForeTees that will take you directly to some very informative sites. The PGA link is very helpful as it gives detailed information on the Back2Golf three-phase plan outlining the guidelines for operational playbooks. It also outlines all the Federal resources available including the Payment Protection Plan, the CARES Act and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. You can also find valuable information on Best Practices including golf course maintenance, golf operation recommendations and teaching and coaching guidelines.

Although many of you were hoping for a reduction of dues this year, unfortunately it is not possible with our IRS classification as a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) organization.  However, there are some payment options available to you. You can delay your payment until the end of October without any late fees or penalties. The PGA also has partnered with ITHINK Federal Credit Union that will give you a 4.99% loan for up to $1200 paid back over 12 months.

The PNWPGA has created some great “Stay Involved” webinars to keep us all connected. There are two more scheduled in May. Topics are on the education page.  I was fortunate enough to be a panelist in one last week and received a tremendous amount of valuable information from professionals around our Section. I really have appreciated everyone’s feedback and the open discussions on how we can all help each other with innovative ideas and solutions during this crazy time. We have strength in numbers with over 1,200 professionals in our section and working collaboratively will only make us stronger.

I hope many of you have taken advantage of The PGA Golf Emergency Fund. Phase one took place last month with grant values at $500 or $1,500 for a $5 million disbursement. In the coming weeks phase two application process will be announced with grants valuing up to $3,500 based on need. National is hopeful for another $5 million to be distributed from our organization as well as donations from our partners.

I feel as an organization the PGA has done a good job with the dissemination of information as it has become available to us. The Golf Emergency Fund is a big deal and clearly sends a message to us that we are all in this together. I have had countless conversations and email correspondences with golf professionals throughout our Section this past month. Although we felt frustration about being closed and some angst in the re-opening process, the general sense of those interactions has been very community driven. The sense of teamwork, collaboration and support these past six weeks has made me extremely proud to be a PGA member.

I hope that you and your families continue to stay healthy and safe and wish you all the best.

Please feel free to reach out to me anytime.,

Bill Shea, PGA
Director of Golf / General Manager, The Cedars at Dungeness
O: 360.582.4903 | M: 360.775.0714

Candidate for Secretary: Chris Nowlen

As the world has dealt with COVID-19, what have you learned over the last few weeks about your Section, the Chapters and the PGA of America?

The impact of COVID-19 is unprecedented.  It has halted our economy and distressed our industry.  With less than fifty percent of facilities open across the country, at one point, the challenges are unique and different depending on your location.  While no one has been playing golf in the State of Washington, facilities like mine have seen record numbers of rounds in April and May.   At my facility, the overwhelming perspective is that golf has been an incredible blessing.  Every day I receive praise for keeping our facility operating and keeping an outlet for people to get through this pandemic.  This just shows the remarkable power of the game of golf.

The PNW Section PGA is both forward thinking and has strong leadership.  The organizational structure brings talent, from across the section, together to tackle difficult topics and decisions.  District Director Doug Doxie brings the National representation to the table.  CEO Jeff Ellison and his staff have been diligent in their duties and maintained the best interest of the PGA Member through extreme times.  Sean Fredrickson and the officers of our board have excelled at developing cohesive leadership across our Section and involving the presidents and vice presidents from each Chapter in the decision-making process.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, we have been faced with multistate diversity over our large geographical spans, facing a multitude of government regulations at the national, state, and local level.  Our section has stepped up to the plate to be a leader in our industry, and in all of our communities, across our five states. We have vetted and debated difficult decisions.  Our Section staff have been forced to make difficult decisions as operations have halted over the past two months, yet we are at the forefront of information, regulations, and safety protocol best practices.  I am very proud to be a part of this group of PGA professionals and staff.

Our Chapters have demonstrated poise and strength.  At the Chapter level, leadership is accomplishing much the same.  Chapter officers and boards are paying close attention to the, always changing, regulations and recommendations in each area of how to handle COVID-19.  Chapters have been working together and sharing information, best practices, and ideas to benefit both the Professional and their facilities.  Each Chapter is under different mandates, which has affected tournament programs, professional development programs, and player development programs.  As some Chapters are starting to move forward with these programs, others are still waiting to get started.  Through it all, each Chapter has shown the strength of their PGA professionals and that there is strength in numbers.  Your Chapter officers have done an exemplary job at all levels.

The PGA of America has done a good job of addressing the same challenges on a much larger scale.  I commend our leaders for creating a disaster relief program and for looking for ways to help the PGA professional and his family.  The always-present problem of inurement for our non-profit Association has once again created problems as they have looked at dues for the Professional.  Our Association has reacted quickly to the effects of the pandemic.  I have been impressed with the collaborative efforts of many of golf’s Associations on our behalf.  I applaud both our Association and the Section for the amount of information and visions shared to modify operations, in some cases halt operations, educate about relief aid, and providing the Back2Golf guidance for the PGA Member.

Our world is a long way from finished with the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are going to continue to have difficult decisions to make in all aspects of our business and lives.  I am confident our Section, Chapters, and the PGA of America will continue to deliver in these extraordinary times.  In times like these we can all be proud to be PGA Professionals.

Chris M. Nowlen, PGA
GM/Director of Golf, Missoula Country Club
406.251.2404 /

Rescheduled Events

Muckleshoot Casino Washington Open Invitational

The Pro-Am benefiting Folds of Honor will take place on June 27-28 followed by the championship on June 29-30. Thank you to Muckleshoot Casino, the members at Meridian Valley Country Club and MVCC Director of Golf Greg Manley for working with us to find a new date for our event. This event is a 36-hole championship in 2020. Enter by June 3.

pro online entry
pro entry form (PDF)

We sincerely hope the date change will allow this championship to take place! The Washington Open Invitational dates back to 1922 and has been held every year since except during the period of the World Wars, 1942-46. Chuck Congdon won five titles over four decades in 1939, 1947, 1950, 1952 and 1962. Al Mengert has won four times, including three consecutive wins from 1963-65. Long-remembered stand outs Bud Ward and Bob Duden have also had their fair share of the spotlight to name a few. Don Bies won three times, once as a club pro in 1959 and again in 1980 and 1987 after he retired from the PGA tour. Jeff Coston has also won five times, in 1996, 1999, 2001, 2010 and 2016. The current tournament record is 200 for the WA Open, set 5/18/2011 at Glendale CC by Tim Feenstra and tied by Jeff Gove on 5/23/2012 at Glendale CC. The record previously was held by Chuck Milne, 202, set at Meridian Valley CC in 1976.

Oregon Open Invitational

Thanks to Bryce Fisher and the entire Arrowhead family, the Oregon Open Invitational will take place on July 14-15 at Arrowhead Golf Club in Molalla, Oregon.  The practice round will be held on Monday, July 13.  This schedule change provides a much higher confidence that we can hold the competition. We worked with the chapters to minimize conflicts with the five chapter pro-am’s originally planned for that Monday.  This move also allows our seven PGA Professional Championship qualifiers time to make it to Austin, TX by Thursday for what will be the rescheduled National Championship. This event is also a 36-hole championship in 2020. Enter your team by June 24.

online team entry
team entry (pdf)

Situated on 135 verdant acres in the heart of the Willamette Valley, Arrowhead Golf Club remains the hidden jewel of Clackamas County. Guarded by old-growth forest, the 18-hole championship golf course meanders across lush meadows and rolling hills, crossing paths with the pristine Molalla River and Wrights Creek before beginning its final approach back to the clubhouse. Its demanding layout and manicured surfaces result in a dynamic playing experience.

May 15, 2020

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