Don’t Post Compulsively on Social Media What are the consequences? You can lose your job You can be subjected to disciplinary actions You can create a potential legal case You can lose a pending legal matter If you are part of the PGA of America: You can face a Section Board of Inquiry You can… Read More

While we are not quite ready for golf in Central Oregon, we can prepare for the season. We can start to think about the results we want from our operations. But before you get too far along in your thinking, I want to offer a perspective on obtaining results in your organization that I gained… Read More

Good-bye 2020… and hello 2021! What did January bring us? Riots at the Capitol, our nation’s COVID-19 death toll reaching 400,000, another impeachment, the swearing in of a new administration, and the death of a sports icon. And that is only January of this year so far. What did we learn? I believe we learned… Read More

I think many, if not all of us, must be glad to see 2020 in the rear-view mirror. I know will not be looking back. I hope and believe 2021 will bring us health and recovery. Please join me in congratulating our Special Award winners for 2020! Read about their accomplishments here. Golf Professional of… Read More

I don’t know about you, but I feel like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day.” It feels like we have been here before. Who would have thought in March that our Thanksgiving traditions and activities would be in jeopardy? But here we are. Once again, we have to deal with closures and restrictions. I know I… Read More

Looking at the early morning temperatures here in Central Oregon, it’s clear we are into the fall season. Most golf courses are beginning to “punch,” and rounds will start to slow down. It has been a crazy year for sure. This is an excellent time to begin thinking of what you will do during the… Read More