We have all heard the age-old question: “Are leaders born or made?” The answer, in my opinion, is yes. I believe leaders have an inborn desire to serve. The traits and skills to become a great leader can be taught. The PGA of America is our Association; if we want our Association to grow and… Read More

In many of my past articles, I have focused on thoughts or books to help strengthen our professional development. This month I want to focus on something different. How many of you have heard at some point in your career, “Oh, you’re a golf pro. That must be fun, playing golf all the time.” We… Read More

It is a bittersweet time for all of us in the Pacific Northwest Section. We are getting ready to celebrate July 4th, the birth of our great nation, and we continue to mourn the loss a year ago of Sean “Freddy” Fredrickson. Years ago, as I coached executives in Silicon Valley about work-life balance, I… Read More

Before I get started with this month’s article, I want to give you an update on OGO, aka Oh Great One. We started our OGO recognition efforts at Aspen Lakes Golf Club in April. We put out flyers in the shop and had discussions with our leadership numerous times. At the end of April, we… Read More

What a great few weeks this has been for golf! Importantly, it has been a great few weeks for diversity in golf. Once again, the Augusta National Golf Club did an incredible job with the Women’s Amateur event. It was amazing to watch those talented women playing at Augusta National the week before the Masters.… Read More

Don’t Post Compulsively on Social Media What are the consequences? You can lose your job You can be subjected to disciplinary actions You can create a potential legal case You can lose a pending legal matter If you are part of the PGA of America: You can face a Section Board of Inquiry You can… Read More