As you tackle getting ready for golfers to return, go beyond cleaning the carpets and shining the counters. Let a little cleanup trickle to operations too. Here are five things you can do to help shake off winter and get you and your staff enthused for the upcoming season. 1. Organize and De-clutter Think about… Read More

Are you wondering how to achieve better employment opportunities? One major key is to broaden your skill set. To do this, start by taking advantage of PGA programs and offerings. Check for education opportunities offered by your chapter and section. The association offers both a Certified Professional Program and Master Professional Program. Besides these formal… Read More

If you want to succeed on the job, you need the support and respect of your co-workers. After all, you never know when you’ll be asked to partner with someone on a project or need a helping hand from a fellow staffer. Having good relationships at work also makes it more pleasant to be there.… Read More

Leadership is correctly assessing a situation and knowing what to do next. It is understanding the importance of these steps and having the ability to develop and utilize the appropriate resources. Going into the height of the golf season, it may be prudent to take a moment and reflect – reflect on the direction you… Read More

Are you used to flying below the radar at work? Do you think that not being noticed will keep your job safe? Not necessarily anymore. The best strategy now is to figure out how you can raise your visibility and in positive ways. You really should want to get noticed. I know when I work… Read More