This month we profile Carl Hetterle, PGA, who completed the PGA Certified Professional Program in 2019. Currently he has a certification in Golf Operations and plans to complete a PGA Specialized Program during this coming off-season.

Name: Carl Hetterle

Facility: Tacoma C&GC

Hometown: Currently resides in Steilacoom, WA

PGA Member Since: 2017

How did you get started in your golf career and who were your mentors?

Inspired by a change of pace and scenery, I decided to chase my golf dreams in the desert. I started by working in the bag room at Phoenix Country Club after several years working on an Unlimited Hydroplane racing team based out of Seattle, WA. After a year or so in the bag room, I was promoted to Assistant Golf Professional and haven’t looked back.

In my career I have been lucky to work for and with some great professionals; Darren Black, Dan Hill, Stephanie Malone, Tim Feenstra, Brett Eaton and James Hochrine. Dan taught me that you can learn one of two things from every person: what to do and what not to do. I have tried to surround myself with people who I can learn “what to do” from. All of the professionals listed above have been positive influences on my approach to the business and have been in my corner ever since.

What benefits of the PGA CPP have you seen in your career or at your facility?

The direct benefit is hard to quantify, however the impact for me is indispensable. Sometimes it is hard for us as professionals to see things through a different lens. Working through the certification, I learned to see pieces of the operation in a different light, noticing how they all played a part together in the operation as a whole.

As an Assistant Professional with the goal of becoming a Head Professional, it is important that I continually learn from my experiences as well as continue my education. If I continue to grow professionally, my facility will objectively benefit and gain value from my specialized knowledge.

What advice do you have for other PNW PGA Professionals thinking of going through the PGA CPP?

Why wouldn’t you? Life is all about experiences and you might surprise yourself by what you can gain by completing this program. Additional benefits include, but aren’t limited to, setting you apart when applying for that next job and earning your MSR credits.