Hello fellow PGA Professionals. My name is Chris Nowlen.  It is my pleasure to be a candidate for Section Secretary.  I hope you are all safe and healthy in these unprecedented times.

I am a native Montanan, graduate of the University of Montana, and graduate of the PGA GPTP program.  Recently, I completed the Executive Management Certification Program.  I love the business and the game of golf.  My experiences as a PGA Professional are well rounded.  I have worked at both public and private facilities, teaching, merchandising, managing events, and managing teams, both large and small.  As a GM, I have experience in all aspects of the business.

Like you, I am proud to be a PGA Professional and very fortunate to have all the experiences golf has given to me.  My appreciation for what we do and the people we connect with through the game has been amplified by the situations we are faced with today.  The game is such a strong vehicle for bringing people together, supporting communities, driving revenue, and enhancing fundraising.  The relationships fostered through golf help bond people to work together and help one another in times like these.  That is powerful.

I have been a PGA Professional for 21 years and currently hold the position of General Manager/Director of Golf at Missoula Country Club.  I have served through the officer positions of the Western Montana Chapter twice, in the early 2000’s and currently, giving me the opportunity to serve on the Section Board both times, as well. I was also a candidate for Section Secretary against Steve Prugh years ago.   I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing PGA Professionals that have gifted me with more than I can possibly give to the PNW Section.  It has been an amazing experience and made me appreciate the opportunity to run for Secretary of the Section.

The Pacific Northwest Section is one of the strongest in the country.  We are blessed with our programs, leadership, and tournaments.  Our five Chapters are very strong and active.  Some large and some small, we are all making a difference in communities and providing a wonderful game to our customers, members, and players.  Our partnerships with sponsors throughout our Section drive business and impact communities.  We raise hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout our five states for various charitable causes.   Again, that is powerful.

There are substantial challenges ahead for our Section with Jeff Ellison’s retirement and the impact of recent global events.  Our Section leadership is filled with talented people, poised to get us through this tough time.  I am running for Section Secretary because I believe in the PGA, our Section, and our Chapters.  I want to provide leadership and utilize my skills to serve our membership.

In conclusion, thank you, Jeff for all you have done.  We have large shoes to fill in your absence.  The next hire will be key in building on our accomplishments. I am also proud to be able to run against Bill Shea this year.  We both bring strong leadership skills to the Section.  The process will make us both better professionals, and the victor will be a stronger Secretary for you.  I am excited for the process and hopeful to be the next PNW PGA Section Secretary.


Chris M. Nowlen, PGA

GM/Director of Golf, Missoula Country Club


406.251.2404 / 406.241.9854