Although I understand the need to plan for the future of our Section, I would be remiss if I didn’t say what a strange time this is to campaign for the PNWPGA Secretary. Instead of checking in 150 players on this gorgeous day and watching Tiger defend his Masters title, we find ourselves facing incredible challenges within the golf business. Some of the 5 states that represent our section are currently open for business, but by the time this article is posted who knows how many will still be. My club is in Washington, and therefore has been closed for a while now.  As I find myself temporarily furloughed for the first time in 37 years, it has given me an opportunity to reflect on how fortunate I have been to work in a business that never actually feels like work. Growing a beard, reconnecting with family and fixing up my home is my new norm for the next month. However, this is a great time to reset our business plans, review marketing strategies and understanding our labor needs. I feel very confident that when golf opens back up, we will be stronger than ever.

My name is Bill Shea and am currently the WWCPGA President. I am the GM and Director of Golf at The Cedars at Dungeness in Sequim, WA and the Director of Golf at Peninsula Golf Club in Port Angeles, WA. I have been married for 24 years and have two kids attending Western Washington University.

I have been involved with governance in the WWCPGA basically since I joined in 1997. I have served on several different committees starting with the Assistants Committee to now serving as a Chapter President 23 years later. The Cedars at Dungeness has hosted a pro-member event for as long as I can remember, and I have hosted the WA Senior Open for the last fifteen years with an annual sponsorship of $10,000.

As this is an introduction letter, for those of you that don’t know me it is important for me to share more about myself and hopefully help you understand the character of the candidate you’ll be voting for. I will use my last name as an acronym for what I stand for and the character I possess.

Stability: I have worked in governance for 23 years, married for 24 & with the same club for 23.

Honesty: I am a very honest person and never have a hidden agenda. I am here to support each member across all five chapters.

Empowerment: Providing growth and career advancement to professionals through great playing and educational opportunities, as well as supporting them with engagement, mentorship & involvement.

Accountability: Holding myself and your Section Board to the highest level of ethics and accountability.

My “why” I want to become Section Secretary is a great question. This certainly wasn’t a long-term plan 23 years ago when started. I became involved because I was new to this section and didn’t know anyone. I figured getting involved would be a great way to network and meet other professionals. I was right, as I have met so many amazing professionals, mentors & leaders in those 20+ years.  In that time, I have come to understand the need for great leadership and have learned from some of the greats on how they paved the successful path that our Section now finds itself.  I have become a strong leader, given a lot to our Section and want to continue on as Section Secretary. I look forward to getting to know you all better.


Take care and be safe,


Bill Shea​

Director of Golf ‑ General Manager, The Cedars at Dungeness

O: 360.582.4903 | M: 360.775.0714