Your Board of Directors met this morning to address the impact of the rapidly changing situation with the Coronavirus and the unknown nature of what the immediate future will be in relation to the spread and impact of this disease. These are uncertain times and your Board is committed to making decisions in the best interest of the membership.

We have been monitoring the very fluid situation, receiving insight from National, reading everything we can from the CDC and local health districts.   Your Board has three guiding principles as they tackle this problem:

  1. Concern for the health of our professionals, their staff, their members and all their families.
  2. Not conducting events and activities that might contribute to the virus spreading through our events and meetings.
  3. Being a responsible member of the community and participating in the effort to curb the spread of the virus through thoughtful social distancing decisions.

In an effort to act in accordance with these principles the Board approved the postponement of all Section and Chapter events, meetings and education on an indefinite basis.   The Board has scheduled a rolling set of video meetings to regularly review the situation and will communicate with you via email following each meeting.   Our process will be to stay informed and current with analysis and recommendations from the experts and re-open our events as soon as it is safe and responsible to do so. Please keep your email current in!

The Section and Chapters will be refunding any entry fees for events scheduled through the end of March and be looking forward to any other event payments and refund those when we confirm they will not be played.   You can be confident that if you enter a future event and that event is not played, you’ll receive a full refund.

Your Section and Chapter staff will be here to guide you through this process. We have been preparing to work remotely and some of us are already in that mode. Regardless, you can expect the same great service you’ve come to expect.

On the National scene, we were on a conference call this morning with senior staff about their response and you can expect to interact with National as normal. Also, please look for an email from National later today regarding MSR’s and consideration of the 2021 deadline.

As with any Section or Chapter question please feel free to reach out to Sean, myself or your chapter leadership with questions.   We are in this together and golf will come out the other side recognized as a great healthy activity to spur the recovery.

Sean Fredrickson, PGA

Jeff Ellison, PGA