As many of you may already be aware, the governors of Oregon and Washington made significant modifications to their existing COVID-19 protocols over the last few days. Citing recent, significant spikes in reported COVID-19 cases, the respective governors are hopeful that these latest orders will slow the spread of the virus while conserving precious hospital bed space. I encourage you to review these guidelines and apply them as may be appropriately required by your local law.

Governor Brown (OR):

Effective November 18, 2020, through to December 2, 2020, Governor Brown has issued what is being termed a “Two Week Freeze.”  This “freeze” modifies the state’s existing COVID-19 protocols for a period of fourteen days and is intended to slow the spread of COVID-19, especially in those counties posting recent, extraordinary spikes in reported cases. Notable elements to this “Freeze” order include but are not limited to restaurants are take-out only, no dining in (indoor or outdoor), social gatherings are limited to no more than 6 people total, from no more than 2 households (indoor and outdoor), and retail stores and malls (indoor and outdoor) are limited to 75% capacity and should encourage curbside pick-up. The Two-Week Freeze does not apply to or change current health and safety protocols for outdoor recreational activities and sports.

A complete resource for the modified Oregon COVID-19 protocols may be found by clicking here:

Governor Inslee (WA)

Effective at midnight, 11/16/2020, Governor Inslee’s latest modifications to COVID-19 protocols in the state of Washington went into effect. Initial guidance is that these tightened restrictions will last through 12/14/2020. This date is subject to change. The “good news” is that the activity of golfing is safe, and nothing will change for players on courses. However, there are heavy restrictions put on restaurants, bars, retail, gyms, etc. that will affect those aspects of golf operations. For example, restaurants will be take-out only (no indoor dining) or outside seating only with no more than 5 people. Retail operations must now take occupancy down to 25% capacity.

For a complete list of the modified Washington COVID-19 protocols, please click here for the PDF.

2020 continues to be a challenging and fluid environment for us all to operate. It is our continued goal to keep you, your colleagues, and your facilities safe and successful. Should you have any additional questions, never hesitate to contact me or any member of our Section staff.


Stay safe and be well,

Frank Talarico, CEO
Pacific NW Section PGA