As we look into the future operations of the PNWPGA- how to you see our section evolving?

To evolve is to advance, grow and progress.  I believe the key to future success for our Section is to follow our mission statement which is to serve our members and grow the game. We need to hold true to our strategic vision, which is to constantly pursue excellence and commit to innovation, collaboration and improvement, while teamwork and talent define our culture and are exhibited in our communications and accountability, while staying committed to diversity and inclusion in our activities and programs through our six key components: tournaments, player development, professional development, employment, community outreach/charity, and governance.

The PNWPGA is one of the best in the Country.  That speaks volumes to the leadership by staff and boards over the last 20 years.  We are entering a new era with Jeff Ellison’s retirement.  Employing a new leader will bring fresh perspective for our staff and opportunity for growth.  The new CEO will need to be committed to the programs and best practices Jeff and his team have implemented during their evolution, while embracing our changing world and pursuing excellence into the future.

The Board of Directors has a large role to play in the evolution of our Section.  Through recent months, we have seen strong leadership by the officers and board and improved collaboration among our Chapters.  Communication has been vital to our success.  In the future, there will be a greater focus on consistent contact among our leaders.  There will be more opportunities for members to get involved in governance.  Technology will add value to the process and save time and resources for the Section.  Our leaders will focus on the financial strength of our Section, evaluate programs, and find new ways to serve the membership and grow the game.

Our evolution as a Section begins with being more member-centric in serving our PGA Professionals.  To advance we must strive to use the PGA brand and the game to grow the benefits to our membership. We need to find better ways to tell our story, showcasing that we are the experts in the game and the business of golf.  We need to stay relevant and give ourselves all the opportunities possible to excel as PGA professionals through professional development.  Now more than ever, we need to embrace technology to improve services and communication and give our members opportunity to gain knowledge and skills that elevate employment opportunities and compensation.

We will continue to positively impact our communities across the Section and our five Chapters.  Our membership enhances charitable impact through tournaments and events locally and regionally year-round.  We need to improve media programs, websites, and social media use to strengthen our value to our partners and employers.  Celebrating our success as PGA professionals through tournaments and player development programs, like PGA Junior League and Drive, Pitch & Putt, are excellent ways to tell our story.

The PNWPGA has one of the strongest tournament programs of all the Sections.  We will continue to develop partnerships that provide playing opportunities for our professionals and the amateurs they serve.  With strong partnerships, we can continue to enhance the lives of our PGA professionals through competitive purses and playing opportunities and raise money for wonderful charities, like Folds of Honor.

The Pacific Northwest Section will continue to represent the PGA America at the highest-level, achieving diversity and inclusion, showcasing our community impact, solidifying our significance, and serving our members.  Our PGA Professionals will grow the game and our Section will provide programs, tools, and resources to boost the success of our PGA professionals and to achieve our mission.


Chris M. Nowlen, PGA

GM/Director of Golf, Missoula Country Club

406.251.2404 / 406.241.9854