We are in Vegas just finishing the Holcomb-In-One Las Vegas Pro-Am. Grant and his companies – Antigua, Imperial, PlayKleen, Certifresh and Sun Mountain have been supporting us for 16 years. We are very fortunate to have such a good friend of the Section. And thanks to all of you for supporting all our sponsors in return.

Next week is another big week for Section activities. Sunday is the Special Awards Ceremony and Board Meeting. Monday at 7:00 PM we have the Section Spring Meeting.  The Pro-Assistant Championship takes place Monday-Tuesday. All are at Seattle Golf Club.  Please join us on Sunday as we honor the Section Award recipients with a reception at 5:30 with the ceremony at 7:00. Registration is required.

Awards Ceremony RSVP

The Section Spring Meeting is a chance to interact with your leadership as we focus on highlights coming your way in 2019. It’s already/going to be a busy year, please join us for a preview.

I’m pleased to announce a new partnership with EPEC Golf. EPEC offers a quality, cost-effective solution for junior clubs that grow as the player grows. In addition to their sponsorship, they will be supporting our growth of the game initiatives based on the sales on the Section.  Call our local representative Scott Nelson.

Visit http://epecgolf.com

With the ever-increasing use of credit cards to enter our events, even required now in three chapters, we have a new credit card sponsor. TCM Bank is offering a Section logo credit card available to you or your amateurs. The no annual fee card has a nice set of benefits and the application process is simple and on-line. It took me five minutes to apply and my card arrived in a week.

Section PGA Mastercard® Credit Cards information

Just a reminder that our Membership and Vendor roster is an on-line app from ForeTees. If you have not been using this tool, you are missing out. There is a web-based option for the shop and one for your mobile device. It’s pretty slick, just click on a phone number to dial, or an email address and your email client opens to start the email. If you need help logging in, please contact us at the Section office.

Online Member Handbook

Speaking of email, this is how we reach you. Two things really help. Make sure we have your proper email address in our database. Submitting a change form through National is the best way to make sure we update you at the National, Section and Chapter level. Also, add the following email to your contacts info@pgaofamericagolf.com to ensure emails are not sent to a spam or junk folder. The Section, Chapters and National use this same address. Adding it really helps.

Finally, please complete the PGA Compensation Survey. Whether you are an A-1 or an Associate, your information is important. It will help you in your quest for additional compensation as well as help our PGA Career Consultant drive up compensation across the Section. In appreciation of your support, Ryan Chin of AMA Golf will be donating 100 gifts that we will raffle off to those who complete the survey by March 31, the deadline to earn MSR’s.

In the next few weeks I’ll be at the Oregon, Western Washington and Western Montana meetings. Please feel free to ask questions during the meeting or catch me privately. An officer and I will be at each just for this purpose.

Here’s to the snow melting and golf back to full speed soon!


Jeff Ellison, PGA
CEO, Pacific NW Section PGA