I am sure that your off-season was full of planning and preparation. Hopefully, like our Section Board, you have a solid plan in place and now it’s time to execute. Your Section staff, an amazing team, is in full-on mode for events, operations and membership support. Please thank them the next time you encounter them. They definitely live by our mission statement of “serve the members and grow the game”.

We will all be very busy for the next 4-5 months but please don’t hesitate to consider participating in a Section event. Know that you can lean on the Section staff for help with membership concerns, including the quickly approaching MSR deadline.

Enjoy your summer and grow the game. You can make an impact on someone’s life through this great game and make your facility profitable! You are the expert in our game. Wear the PGA logo proudly and thank you for being an amazing part of our Section!


Greg Manley, PGA
President, PNWPGA
Meridian Valley CC
cell: 253-350-3209