Participation is the theme for your staff in 2018. Not for the selfish reason that it helps the budget, but because it is how YOU will maximize YOUR benefits of your PGA membership. As a staff we work hard to deliver 200+ tournaments for you, driving purse dollars to you personally. Through pro-am events, we send amateur winnings to your shops and  provide you the opportunity to build relationships with your customers that will enhance your career. All you need to do is participate!

Our Professional Development Committees are working hard to develop educational opportunities for you in 2018. Not just for you to collect the required credits, but so you can grow as a professional in your current position and most importantly, your next position. All you have to do is participate!

Two grant programs, PGA Junior League and Drive Chip and Putt, are all available to help you improve your player development programs and your bottom line. You guessed it; all you have to do is participate. We will work with your leaders and committees to keep you informed of these opportunities, but never hesitate to give us a call and just ask! 

I’ve been working with your chapters on their budgets and pro-am schedules. It’s pretty easy to see that when you combine the chapter schedules with the section schedule, there is definitely at least an event or two to participate in. If you are new to the Section or have just not participated in a while, give your chapter and section staff a call and we’ll be happy to help you understand the opportunities. The Section schedule can be found here and the chapter schedules will be going up on the chapter web pages very soon.

The MSR deadline is approaching on June 15, 2018 and many of you still need a few credits to complete your requirements. The chapters are tasked with offering a robust program this winter – watch your chapter web sites for information. Monte Koch is planning another “road show” this spring, Andy Mackimmie has the Sweet 16 in process for February 19-20 at the Coeur d’Alene Resort and the Spring Meeting will be on March 19 at Willamette Valley CC. We are also finalizing a program on March 18 where National will bring their new simulation seminars. We’ll keep you informed via email and our websites. 

The 223 PGA Junior League teams in the Section in 2017 is a testament to the value of the program to the kids, to the families, to the facilities and to you, the PGA Professional. This program is a great bridge between introductory junior activities and the professional junior tours. Use the marketing horsepower of the PGA Brand and the collaborative opportunity with your fellow professionals to help grow the game FOR YOUR FACILITY. Branden Thompson is our dedicated PGA Junior League Regional Manager; contact him at or 503-869-2827 for more information. 

Drive Chip and Putt fills a variety of needs at your facility. First, it’s a great introductory activity for juniors. It’s a fun vehicle to build a skill development workshop around to introduce kids to the game.You can also use it as a profit center by offering a DCP Clinic to help juniors prepare for the coming season and our 13 local qualifiers. Finally, you just may start a young boy or girl on the path to glory at Augusta National. In April 2017, five kids who started in our local qualifiers competed at Augusta.  This year, we will have 6 kids enjoying the experience of a lifetime. You and your promotion of this program may just start one of your juniors on this path. Don’t miss out on that chance – participate! 

 For those of you staring college tuition in the face, I encourage you to apply for the PGA Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship. The link is on the home page and it not only serves as the application for this scholarship but also the two Bunny Mason Scholarships offered by the Junior Golf Funds. One application, two opportunities – participate. 

Finally, 2018 is an election year for National, the Section and your Chapter. If you are the type who would like to make a positive contribution to your association, please reach out to your leaders and discuss the opportunities. You’ll be glad you become involved. 

 Here’s to a great beginning to 2018. I look forward to your participation.


Jeff  Ellison, PGA
CEO, Pacific NW Section PGA