To quote one of the National Secretary Candidates “The PNW Section is touted as the Section with the best Tournament program in the country”.  Why don’t we have a waiting list to get in our events then?  Why don’t you play in more of our Section events?  These are questions that I don’t have answers to but would like them.  What would make you play in more events?

These questions are continually asked of by your leadership, many surveys have been sent and there are various reasons that members don’t play more.  Cost, time, travel have all be delivered as reasons.  If we truly are known for the best program in the country, why don’t our members use it?  Why don’t you play more golf?

The PGA was created and continues to serve the golfing population and grow it. Playing golf isn’t as important to many members as it was when I started way back when.  Playing golf validates our passion for the game and shows to the golfing public that we are the experts.

The Northwest  Open at Wine Valley GC entry deadline is in just a couple short days away, will you be there?

I’d love to hear from you about our tournaments and what would make you play more.  Call me on my cell 253-350-3209, send me an e-mail,  Or even better tell me when you see me at Section event.  My goal was to play in every Section event in 2018.  As the President I believe it is my job to set an example.  I look forward to hearing from you about our tournament program, the best one in the country.


See you on the 1st tee!


Greg Manley, PGA
President, PNWPGA
Meridian Valley CC