I work with employers every day to get the word out to PGA Professionals about open positions. When working side-by-side to gather all of the information regarding the job, there is a multitude of questions posed to me by employers. Topics include:

  • “Can I get someone here by March 1st?”
  • “Do you have some good questions to ask in the interview?”
  • “Is there a job description I could see?”
  • “How do other employers conduct the interview process?”
  • And the big one is: “Do you have data on what others in this position make?”

This last one is of utmost importance to both the employer, to me and ultimately to PGA Professionals. Employers want to know what is involved in getting the best professional for the job. I am looking to assist them in putting the best package together that the club can afford as well as upgrading the position. The compensation and benefits package is, of course, a huge key. Outside of the facility and job title, is there anything more critical?

The PGA Compensation Survey is the most credible source of compensation information in the golf industry. This is primarily due to the overwhelming support from you, the PGA Professional.  So the first place I look for information is the Reporting Tool generated from the annual survey (which can be found on PGA.org). From that, I can generate the data from which employers can base their packages.

Reports I generate are from the Reporting Tool’s menu:

Most often what is requested is base salary, compensation sources, benefits coverage or total golf operations gross payroll.  I do look at the data from every angle and search for the most relevant, all with the intention of upgrading the compensation and benefits package for PGA Professionals.

Here are other ways that the PGA Compensation Reporting Tool is valuable:

  • Provides you with valuable data for negotiating with your employer.
  • Provides you with information for budgeting and hiring PGA Staff.
  • Allows you to evaluate your current situation relative to PGA Professionals at similar facilities.
  • Reports generated from the survey provide you with information on base salary and total income, plus other key components such as benefits, lesson income, merchandising data, and more…

If you foresee the benefit of compensation data, please feel free to contact me anytime. I recognize that gathering data from the PGA Reporting Tool can be a bit challenging, In addition to working with employers, I am happy to dig into it and find the most relevant data for your needs.


Carol Pence, Certified PGA Professional/LPGA
Employment Consultant
PGA of America (PNW and NorCal PGA Sections)
E: cpence@pgahq.com O:(707)282-9252