Carrie DeGreeFacility: Eugene CC

Hometown:  Born and raised in Bend, OR. Now living in Eugene, OR

Class A PGA Member Since: 2008

Carrie’s grandparents introduced her to golf when she was six years old. She quickly fell in love with the sport and participated in several junior golf programs until she reached high school. Determined to continue her golf career, after four years on the high school varsity team she earned a scholarship to Gonzaga University. During her junior year of college, she accepted a position at Manito G&CC, where she worked for Steve Prugh.

“His leadership and guidance inspired me to become a PGA Professional. I am very thankful to have met Steve during the early stages of my golf career and I am excited to see what the next chapter holds,” said Carrie.

Recently Carrie DeGree earned Certified Professional honors.

“The CPP program has helped me better understand different operations from general management to teaching and coaching, not only from a club level but also from a member perspective,” said Carrie, adding that Eugene CC and the Head Professional  encourage professional development during each off-season.

“After completing each of the programs, I am expected to bring thoughts and ideas of what I learned back to the club to strengthen current program offerings.  My General Manager, Club President, Head Professional and membership are very proud of my accomplishments.”

The PNW Section PGA is proud, too. Congratulations, Carrie DeGree!