In this article, I am going take a step back from promoting PGA Junior League Golf (PGAJLG) myself and give the opportunity to some of our Section Professionals from the Central Washington, Inland Empire and Western Montana Chapters tell their stories. Primarily, I am hoping you’ll see how running with PGAJLG in 2016 made a real positive difference for them and their facilities in terms of revenues, activity at the Club and a general positive brand building for them as professionals.

Central Washington PGA

Ed Quick, PGA (Wenatchee GCC)

“Last year, Robbie Hendrickson and I worked closely together with each other to get JLG off the ground. We worked hard to communicate with parents, community leaders and it was worth it. I believe both of us have benefitted in how the families now view us, support us more, etc. I’m looking forward to 2017 to see our efforts pay off in a big way.”

Robbie Hendrickson, PGA (Three Lakes GC)

“Ed and I now have several families, including moms, who are fans and supporters of what we are doing. Doing PGAJLG paid off in unexpected ways with revenues during and after the season at Three Lakes GC. I’m looking forward to 2017 to see how we can grow this winning story for Three Lakes and families in the Greater Wenatchee area.”

Jason Aichele, PGA (Meadow Springs CC)

“When I started with JLG in 2016, I hoped to have two teams or so. But, when I got rolling, I was able to get to 45 kids and have my own league. Although I don’t know for sure the value that PGAJLG brought to MSCC, I do know it created many more active families in the Club (who spend significantly more money) and I know it has helped us retain these valuable family members…”

PGAJLG builds community. Just look at the number of spectators watching one match. This is an opportunity to create family engagement, generate revenue and build a community at your facility.

Inland Empire Chapter PGA

Derek Siesser, PGA (The Creek at Qualchan)

“In 2016, Michelle Grafos and I stepped out to try to bring IEPGA professionals together around PGAJLG. We were both thrilled and proud of the way our IEPGA professionals responded. While we may have lead the initial effort, others throughout our Chapter really stepped up too…at Qualchan, Gards and I did see increased revenue, especially at off peak times when we hosted games and I also saw increased activity after the season finished…PGAJLG is a true rallying point for our Chapter pros and it helps us build our PGA brand as professionals who create socially-rich connections for families through golf.”

David Fern, PGA (Downriver GC)

“PGA Junior League has significantly helped Downriver GC, and myself as a PGA Teaching Professional, establish ourselves as a family friendly golf facility and brand.  What started as a team of 12 junior golfers, quickly turned into 25 active juniors at Downriver GC within 6 months. We now have a vision of a junior golf academy that brings revenue to the Downriver GC facility and to its PGA Golf Professionals, all while providing a recreational home to dozens of families.

“With Downriver GC Head Professional Steve Conner’s support, Monte’s help, tips from the Sweet 16 seminar, and the PGAJLG structure, I have shifted my brand image and efforts towards junior golf development at Downriver GC. I have seen my job satisfaction and revenue increase, all while helping junior golfers and families fall in love the game that I fell in love with at age 12.”

PGAJLG builds your brand. As a PGAJLG Captain or assisting Coach, PGA professionals are part of delivering what kids want in their golf. Social, team, collaboration and more…when you deliver that in a great way for kids, it’s natural to see parents become fans of the pro too!

Western Montana Chapter PGA

Connor Sproull, PGA (Missoula CC)

“Being a family-centric Club is part of our brand at MCC…it’s what I’m about as a golf professional. Having three teams come together at our Club was amazing…I had so much fun working with these JLG kids. The third team was great to have, and just like with events, those extra kids weren’t all that much extra work. It did bring us more revenue at the Club as we had more families actively engaged, more often through formal (and informal) practices and through games on site. I’m already looking forward to JLG at MCC in 2017.”

Jess Roper, PGA (Village Greens GC)

“In 2016, I was thrilled and proud of the way our WMC PGA professionals came together to make JLG a rousing success. Cameron Milton was a leader for sure, but others throughout our Chapter really stepped up too…I did see increased revenue, especially at off peak times when we hosted games and I also saw increased activity after the season finished…PGAJLG is a true rallying point for our Chapter pros and it helps us build our collective brand as professionals who create community and connections for families through golf.”

Dudley Beard, PGA (MeadowLark CC)

“…we were concerned that we would not get enough kids to make an 8 person team…we got 18!! Our parents were excited and willing to help, the kids were excited and honestly from a selfish standpoint it was one of the most rewarding things as a PGA Professional that I’ve been involved in. Monte helped us with any and all questions with our league and I think raised our bar of professionalism in the eyes of our members. Michael Burrall and I are looking forward to a second and more exciting year of PGA Jr. League golf.”

We are still ahead of last year’s timeline, but every day that passes puts us one day behind other youth sports that are vying for your customer’s time and resources. Note: On February 15, 2017, PGA REACH will be sending out a “register now for 2017 PGA Junior League Golf” message to parents of past participants and other interested consumers who’ve opted into receiving emails. Based on this, it’s important Captains register before those are sent. For the sake of our PGA brand at the local level, having every Captain (and facility for 2017) registered is important. As parents start to look at their options, don’t be the one who is not ready for registrations.

As stated in most of my articles, my role is not to tell you what you need to offer. Rather, I am here to help you identify opportunities where you can succeed and meet the truly engage with your customers, to build activation, retention and acquire new customers (members).

In the end, it’s my hope to assist you in maximizing these opportunities. Please let me know how I can help you (and your facility) in 2017 to do just that.


Monte Koch, Certified PGA Professional/Player Development
Player Development Regional Mgr/Mentor**
PGA of America (Greater Seattle/PacNW PGA Section)
Email:  Cell: 206/335-5260