Your Board of Directors just completed their Spring Board Meeting, doing the work of the Section. They reviewed the Business Plan, analyzed finances, and approved the five chapter business plans and budgets. One action item was to update our dress code for meetings and education. The new language adds a Business Casual designation, updates the outdated “Coat and Tie” to Professional Business Attire and clarifies the intention of “Golf Attire” in meetings.  I think you will find that this provides a much clearer explanation of each term.  To aid in your understanding of the expectations for the particular activity your staff will apply consistent terminology in reference to the dress code.  The Board was also clear with staff concerning the final paragraph, please take note of this provision.

Dress Code for Section and Chapter Meetings – Regulation

All Section & Chapter membership meetings are “Business Professional Attire” or “Business Casual Attire” unless they are accompanied by a golf tournament, and in this case, the meeting may be golf attire if the section or chapter wishes. “Golf Attire” means the attire appropriate to compete in the golf event.

Appropriate “Business Professional Attire” typically includes (Women) – a dress, dress shirt or blouse with blazer, skirt or dress pants, dress shoes; (Men) – dress shirt, suit jacket/blazer, dress pants, a tie and dress shoes.

Appropriate “Business Casual Attire” typically includes (Women) – slacks or khakis, open-collar or polo shirt, optional blazer or sweater, skirt, dress shoes; (Men) – slacks or khakis, dress shirt, open-collar or sweater, optional tie/sport coat and or blazer, dress shoes.

Members who attend a section or chapter meeting and do not meet the standard of the dress code must be fined $50.00 by section or chapter staff, no exceptions.


Jeff Ellison, PGA
CEO, Pacific NW Section PGA