As Jordan Speith prepares with his team, to defend his title at The 2016 Masters, I’d like to remind you of your chance to team up with Augusta National and the “Drive Chip & Putt” brands. That’s right. You can join others PGA professionals throughout our Section to create more value for yourself, your facility and your customers/members by offering a “Drive Chip & Putt” Prep Clinic & Experience in 2016.

The good news is you don’t have to start from scratch. We have significant resources for you/your team to lean on for planning, promotion and execution on this concept with kids and adults.

Before detailing the resources, let’s delve into the variations you can use with this concept to drive engagement, get an early start to your season and drive revenue.

  • Offer the DCP Prep Clinic & Experience exactly as shown in the template and instructor’s manual (links below).
  • Promote the concept as a “Spring Training” or “Get Season Ready” for various divisions and/or home clubs at your facility (eg. Men’s Club, Ladies 9 Holers, etc.).
  • Promote the concept as a couples networking opportunity (eg. using two teachers: separate women and men for the instruction portions; compete as couples, while adding wine and cheese after each gathering.)
  • Don’t just work with the kids on DCP! Since you’re setting up the DCP Experience (suggest you use a launch monitor to conduct the Driving portion) for kids, why not offer it as a “DCP Club Championship” (charge an entry fee and payout in gift certificates/script in your golf shop) for various flights/divisions with kids, but also with men and women (eg. open, 16-20, 21-35, 36-49, 50-59, 60+). Example: Charge $30 for adults x 50 participants. Payout 100% to drive $1500 in the golf shop or in guest green fees.
  • Instant Upsell Idea: Have a staff member (preferably a PGA Professional) evaluate the equipment needs of your adult competitors in the driving and putting portions. You should see opportunities to upsell club fitting for the driver and the putter.

Several of your fellow PGA Professionals are already partnering with the Drive, Chip and Putt brand. Maybe you should too? If you’re interested, you can take advantage of the following:

  • Promotion on the PNWPGA Website (where parents/kids register and learn more about the DCP Local Qualifying Sites for 2016).
  • A DCP Prep Clinic & Experience template. This is a Word document you can edit with your own details, pricing and schedule. Use your login info to download from
  • A DCP Prep Clinic “instructor’s manual” to aid you with your curriculum, in the setup of your DCP experience and more. Use your login info to download from

Are you a “Change Agent” in golf? If you don’t know, I suggest you check out my article from March 2016. If you are, I’d love to learn more about the details, the planning and the story of your success. Our “coalition of the willing” is a growing army of player development and member engagement specialists right here in the PNWPGA Section. Have you joined the coalition?


Monte Koch, Certified PGA Professional/Player Development
Player Development Regional Mgr/Mentor**
PGA of America (Greater Seattle/PacNW PGA Section)
Email:  Cell: 206/335-5260