Five months ago I wrote my first Foreword Press article.  That article gave each of you a brief glimpse into my personal life and my motivation to run for Section Secretary.  My last article will focus on what you can expect from me if I am elected as your next Section Secretary.

I was raised to work hard, speak my mind and respect others.  I was taught to listen before I speak.  I believe in thinking outside the box, but I respect traditions.  I am not afraid to take a side and speak my mind, and if needed, I will defend my principles.

I am a strong proponent of the PGA brand and what it represents.  I am privileged to be part of the PNW Section and I am a proud member of the Oregon Chapter.  I am a PGA Professional in every sense of the word.

As an officer of the PNW Section, I will be an engaged member of our association, and I will be a leader inside the boardroom and out.  When decisions are made and when issues arise, I will be there to answer your questions and offer proactive communication.

I will play the game and motivate others to either play or take part in our tournament program.  Over the past 10 years I’ve played in an average of 15 Section and Chapter events per year.  I believe that our tournament programs are vital to our success as an association.  If selected as your next Section Secretary, I vow to not only play in our events, but continue to work towards making our tournament programing second to none; this includes increasing Professional participation and purses.

I will teach the game and motivate others to do the same.  Teaching golf is one of the pillars of the PGA Professional.  I teach well over 100 golf lessons a year.   Some of us teach much more than that and some well under.  Regardless of your number, I think all of us should find the time to teach others how to enjoy the game.  It is important that we continue to devote time, energy and resources to make each of us a better instructor, coach and trainer.

I will promote the game and encourage others to grow the game.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t remind myself that I have a duty to grow the game of golf.  As an officer of the PNW Section I will continue to find ways to bring more people into the game.  I’ve said this often but I believe that developing more inspired, motivated and educated Professionals is the key to growing the game of golf.  Education programs must get better, Apprentice Mentoring Programs must continue to improve, and committee involvement should be promoted across our Section and its five Chapters.  The result?  A well prepared PGA Professional ready to promote the game.

I will be fiscally responsible.  Our present situation is solid and under my time as a Section officer it will remain that way.  As Jeff Ellison reminds our Board often, we are a “tournament house.”  The success of our Section parallels the success of our events.  We need to explore alternative ways to fill our Section and Chapter tournaments and Pro-Ams.  Additionally, we need to leverage our position in the game to increase sponsorship dollars.  Part of managing our financial success is controlling expenses.  As a Section officer I will work closely with Section and Chapter staff to ensure we stay on budget and make necessary adjustments when needed.

I will set the bar high and hold each of us accountable.  Involvement leads to successAs your next Section officer I will encourage participation on multiple levels.  I want to see the PNWPGA lead the way with completed compensation surveys and MSR requirements.  I will work with our Board and staff to ensure we invest in education and professional development programs and explore new ways to motivate the lapsed Professional.

 I will bring our 5 chapters together.  Our whole is much better than the sum of our parts.  As a Section officer I will create opportunities for us to learn from one another.  This will be done through increased communication, diverse event planning, mentoring initiatives, and the use of a variety of social media outlets.

 I will act in our best interest, never making a decision without first asking how it might directly benefit each of us.  Our mission statement is clear; to grow the game and serve the PNWPGA Professional.  As a Section officer I believe that every action I take should start with asking how it will align with our mission.

I will plan for the future.  I have little doubt that our Section faces uncertain times in the near and distant future.  As an officer, I will hold our board accountable to spending time looking forward and planning ahead.  Operational changes as well as changes to the golf industry in general are inevitable.  I am eager to accept this challenge.  I vow to respect our traditions and forge new ones as we take our Section into the next 10 years.

In the coming weeks I would encourage each of you to attend your Chapter and Section meetings and vote.  Vote for the candidate that resonates with you and your beliefs.  Vote for the candidate that has a proven track record both in his Chapter and on the Section board.  Vote for who you believe will best represent you, the PNWPGA Professional.

I appreciate your time and I look forward to reconnecting with many of my fellow Professionals in the near future.

Sean Fredrickson