clint-ablesFacility: Tri City CC

Hometown: Grew up in Enterprise, OR, currently Kennewick, WA

PGA Member since: 2001, received class “A” status in 2007

Clint Ables was inspired to get into the golf business because of his passion for the game. He enjoyed introducing others to golf, as well as playing it himself. It’s not surprising, then, that Ables created a Discover Golf Day at Tri City CC. Not only that, but he won a PNWPGA Yamaha Player Development Grant to help fund it.

We asked Ables to tell us a little bit about his program, and what the benefits have been to both new golfers and to his club.

“I ran a Discover Golf Day where I setup a 5-hole putting challenge on our practice green as well as setting up Golfzilla nearby as well. Any beginner golfer (of any age) that completed the putting course received a free putter, and any beginner that successfully hit Golfzilla three times received a free wedge.

“I all ran a Father’s Day Challenge for the non-beginner golfers on the putting course, where they bought into the competition for $3 and the low score of the day won a Titleist Vokey wedge. I relied on my members to bring friends and family members that they would like to introduce to golf. I also marketed it to the club’s social members, so they could come and see a different part of the club.

“I believe this was benefit to the club because of the exposure it received, and… we introduced the game to people who have never experience the game before.”

For professionals wanting to host their own Discover Golf Day, Ables recommends focusing on games and fun.

“People of all ages will be much more attracted to this game if their first point of contact is fun and inviting. Golf already has the stigma of being rigid and boring and PGA professionals it is our job for show how much fun this game can be.”

Congratulations on receiving a Yamaha Player Development Grant, Clint!