Each of us have career goals. It is prudent to utilize this coming season to gain the education, skills and experience necessary for those goals. As qualifications are stronger and more demanding for a position, the more important it is to do this planning process. There are no shortcuts or ways around this because there is no cover letter, resume or recommendation letter that will make up for a lack of experience, skills, or training for a particular career opportunity.

The PGA does a marvelous job providing our members a variety of tools and resources to be successful in this profession, however it is up to each of us to make sure we are qualified in every way possible to meet the career goals we set for ourselves. It might be summed up like this: success can be defined as what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Are you preparing properly for your next opportunity?

Start by researching what exactly you will need to experience, be trained on or skills necessary for your dream job. A good way to do this is to take a look at the job descriptions for those desired positions. Perhaps you have received a few CareerLinks notification that outline these skills. Read through them and compile a list of the priorities each employer notes.

At the recent Orlando Show, I had the opportunity to attend a forum on “The Value of a PGA Professional” which featured from a panel of well-respected multi-facility owners and operators. Here is what they noted for skills they look for in a manager:

  • Sales
  • Marketing & branding
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Budget and financial acumen
  • Member recruitment & retention
  • Technology skills
  • Staff mentor and motivator
  • Teaching

Of the above or those in your compilation, which would you need to learn or experience? Gearing to do so in this next season takes some planning. Is it possible to do so in your current position? Is the skill something that your boss currently handles and can assist you in experiencing?

Yes, most would agree that learning while on the job is best, however, sometimes not feasible. Maybe it necessitates participating in the PGA Certified Professional Program or going to junior college or university. Perhaps the solution is spending time with a tenured PGA Professional. There are many who are happy to mentor others in different areas of operations.

Now is the time to chart out your goals and to figure out how to attain them. Use every day wisely to get there. Create strategies and set short-term goals, as preparing properly for your next opportunity will get you closer to realizing your dream job.

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