Dear PNW Section Members,

By now you have heard about the Section’s Strategic Plan and Mission Statement.  While this may come across to you as “Board Speak,” it is imperative to the Section and its 5 Chapters in improving its Governance and Operating practices, culminating with serving you.  Having a plan at your facility can enhance your career and further your value to your employer when a similar plan is implemented at your facility.  Everyone deserves to have clarity and accountability in their position. This is an environment that you can grow and build successful organizations from.  This will be provided to the Section Staff and Chapter Boards through this Plan.

The Section’s Mission Statement is simple: “Serve our Section Members and Grow the Game”.  It’s simple for a reason, as discussions come across the Board table we can evaluate our decision by whether they check one or both boxes. Does this serve our members?  Does this grow the game?  If it doesn’t check one or both of those boxes then why are we doing it?  Your Board along with the other 5 Chapter Boards are there to serve the 1100+ members of our Section.  We have to be accountable to you, the PGA Member or Apprentice.  We have to serve you in a transparent and concise manner to best benefit you through the 6 core components of the Plan.

I encourage you to all become engaged in this plan, ask yourselves if you have a similar process in place at your facility and if you don’t, why not?  It is engagement like this, that will make your Association better and that you can implement to make yourselves more valuable at your facility.  You have the opportunity to be the leader at your facility, maybe you already are.  If you already are then you can enhance yourself with this process.  We can all get better and it’s my promise to you that through this foundation of a Strategic Plan we will make your Association better.  It’s your engagement that is required to make this Section the best in the country.  Your Section Board promises to lead, we hope that you will allow us to work hard to do that and that all 1100+ will become more engaged in the Association to allow us to improve.

Take a look at the plan on the member’s side of the website.  Send me an e-mail with your comments and questions.  Challenge your Board to be the leader in the country.  I promise you, we are ready to make that improvement and do what is best for our members all while growing this great game.

There is power in numbers, we need your engagement to harness that power.  My ears are open, let’s go!


Greg Manley, PGA
General Manager – Director of Golf
Meridian Valley Country Club
President, Pacific Northwest Section, PGA