The idea of starting fresh in a new section can be exciting. Maybe you are ready for a change or have a need to get to a certain locale. Whatever the reason may be, most likely there will be obstacles to overcome in landing a new position in a different section.

In today’s highly competitive job market, you will need to convince employers that you are a better candidate that all of the local PGA Professionals. Another common obstacle is the lack of funds employers choose to put towards any relocation expense for a new hire. They may also desire to get someone into the position very quickly, precluding the time it takes to move across several states. Here are six tips to get you started:

1. Update your CareerLinks Profile- It is recommended that you update your profile every six months or so. That way, your experience and preferences are up-to-date. If your choice for a new locale is one or two sections, make sure they are on top of your relocation preferences.

2. Network in Your Chosen Locales- Meeting members of the chapter and section offer you important insight into that area and allows the local Professionals to get to know you. Reach out to the PGA leaders, whether staff or volunteers on the Boards of Directors. Instead of asking them about jobs, ask them for advice on how to best conduct your search and what skillsets are valued in their PGA Professionals.

Reach out to those in management at the types of facilities you prefer. Perhaps take a week of vacation and make appointments to meet them at their clubs. It would be more impactful if you meet in person and take someone for a cup of coffee, etc.

Networking may be the only way that employers not utilizing CareerLinks can find you.

3. Make Your Intentions Clear- In your cover letter, state clearly of your desire to move and that you are willing to interview in as well as relocate to their locale at your own expense.

4. Prepare for Phone and Skype Interviews- Often these are your first opportunity to chat with prospective employers. Remember that there are often very qualified local candidates. So prepare extensively and be ready to prove to the employer that you are serious about the job and are the best for it.

5. Accept a Lateral Move- This is sometimes the quickest way to get to your chosen new locale. Once established, then you can work your way up.

6. Hang in There– It may take time and a lot of effort to land a new opportunity. However, it can be done so hang in there!

While it may be challenging, it is not out of reach to land employment in another section. Be diligent, patient, and willing to do whatever is necessary to show your commitment.


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