If Jason Day walked into your golf shop today, how would you behave? If you’re like most people, you’d drop whatever you were doing and approach him, smiling, ready and eager to serve him. If Brooke Henderson was on the phone asking questions, you’d do whatever you could to answer him, correct? What about the rest of your customers or members? According to author Donna Cutting, treating them like stars is important for ongoing success. Here are five of her secrets that will get your customers buzzing about your facility:

  • Give Them a Red Carpet Arrival. When a celebrity arrives for a movie premiere or a charity function, it’s a big deal! There’s a red carpet. There are photographers. There are hundreds of fans lined up. Treat your customers like stars by showing them you’re glad they came. Look them in the eye, smile and greet them.
  • Call Them By Name. Motivational guru and author Dale Carnegie said that when remember someone’s name you “make them feel important.” Remember your customer’s name and use it each time you see them. Make it a top priority.
  • Remember and Refer. Aside from their name, remember other details about your customer as well and refer to them. When you know that a customer has been on a trip, upon their return ask them about it. If you know they have had a celebration for a special occasion, new grandbaby arrived, etc., ask them about it. It will put a smile on their face. Remember to get to know them a bit and give them attention.
  • Cater to their Personal Preferences. Your customer/member may not be as picky as the celebrity who wants all pink tees, however everyone has their likes and dislikes. Surprise your customer in little ways that you can and let them know you are paying attention to their preferences.
  • Be Extraordinary…And Then Some. Make a commitment to be remarkable in every way that you serve your customer or member. Be the first one to respond. Have the widest smile in the room. Call everyone by name. Constantly be on the lookout for little ways that you can make your customer feel like the most important person in the world.

Practice these five tips and you will find yourself not only with a customer for life, but with a raving fan that will go out and spread the word about their incredible celebrity experience at your golf shop.

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