Over the winter break, your Pacific Northwest Section Board of Directors completed a new, long term Strategic Plan. With a Special Task Force that spearheaded the initial efforts, invaluable input from our CEO Jeff Ellison and his staff, and countless hours of input and edits by the entire 14 PGA Member Board, we have a crystal clear, long term strategic plan for the next 3 to 5 years. As members, you too can view the document and how it will help steer the decisions, focus, and business plans of YOUR Board and future Boards to follow. To view it, visit the Members Only side of our website using your PGA.org login. We encourage your feedback and comments, as we strive to address the issues and questions from our 1100 plus Members and Apprentices of the Pacific Northwest Section PGA.

As we head into spring and a robust event calendar throughout our 5 Chapters and Section, I hope you take the time to carve out some time for yourself and your staffs to play some events this year, attend some great PGA education opportunities that have been coordinated throughout the Northwest, and attend one of YOUR Association meetings. The “even” years are even more important to our Section, as we elect a new Secretary in the Fall in our Section and Nationally a new Officer is also elected.

Locally, please congratulate your fellow PGA Members, Sean Fredrickson and Dan Harrington. Sean is the Head Professional at Tualatin CC in the Portland metro area, and Dan is the Head Professional at The Home Course in the Tacoma metro area. Both are experienced leaders in their areas, have served as Presidents and through the chairs of their respective Chapter Boards, and are well spoken and prepared at our Board meetings. This will be a tough race, but in the end, we will be in good hands no matter who the membership votes as our next Secretary. I applaud you both for putting yourselves out there and taking on a rigorous process of campaigning. Stay tuned for monthly questions and interaction with our two candidates in the Foreward Press.

Nationally, three candidates for Secretary have come forward and entered the race to become a National Officer. Russ Libby from North Florida PGA, Rick Murphy from the Carolinas PGA, and Jim Richerson from the Wisconsin PGA have begun the campaigning process this year. The PNWPGA Section Officers are attending a “Super Regional” meeting at the LA International Airport in early March to spend time with the 3 candidates. We would love to hear any input the membership has about these three individuals. They all seem to be very strong communicators, have great leadership qualities, and carry themselves in a professional manner. If you have any opinions, please feel free to reach out to myself (bryan.tunstill@cecc.com) or the other Officers.

Hope to see you soon around the sunny Pacific Northwest Section

Bryan Tunstill, PGA
Columbia Edgewater CC
(503) 285-8354 | Bryan.Tunstill@cecc.com