Service to Your Association

I just returned from New York City and the 100th meeting of the PGA of America.  It was a refilling of the service bucket for me, and inspiration to get the Section Board engaged and progress measured.

Dan Hill was recognized at this meeting for his three years of service as the District 14 Director.  As a Board Member of the PGA of America, Dan has served the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest Sections with professionalism and compassion.  He has always had our best interests in mind when sitting in that Board room and making his vote count.  Dan is a tireless servant to his club and his association.  I have followed Dan through the chairs of the Chapter and Section, and I want to thank him publicly for his mentorship and for being a role model to me.  Dan, from the 1100+ PNWPGA Professionals, thank you for everything you have done. It’s been fun and inspirational to watch, and I’m sure you will continue to do great work.

Service to your association is something I wish all of you can experience in your careers.  The old saying that you get more you than you give is certainly an understatement.  Engaged leaders of our Section can only enhance its offerings. I challenge all of you to get involved, give back and receive the many positive attributes available to you from the largest sports organization in the world, The PGA of America.

Your Section Board will be meeting December 5-6. The PNWPGA Board’s promise is to “Serve the members and grow the game.” If there is anything we can do for you as a member, please let me know – I’m ready to hear your suggestions.  Thank you for all you do for the game of golf.

All the best,


Greg Manley, PGA
General Manager – Director of Golf
Meridian Valley Country Club
President, Pacific Northwest Section, PGA