DriveChipPutt2015I believe that most golfers, especially recreational golfers, see the golf season starting the week of the Masters. Jim Nantz says the Masters is a “Tradition Like No Other.” Thanks to a joint effort (by the Augusta National Foundation, the USGA and the PGA), the Drive, Chip & Putt Finals is creating its own tradition and brand “like no other” the Sunday before the Masters.

A Spring Golf Income/Business Opportunity

The great news is that PGA golf professionals can use the Drive, Chip & Putt (DCP) brand at their own facility to create a “Drive, Chip & Putt Prep Clinic” product. Our partners in DCP now understand that if the number of kids participating in the program is going to grow, it will be because of PGA Professionals.

That’s right, this is your opportunity to build revenue, activity and new business utilizing the significant promotion assets of the Masters Golf Tournament and more. Here’s the concept:  

  • Designed to be a preparatory experience for kids aspiring (or just interested) in competing in the national “Drive, Chip and Putt” (DCP) event via a local qualifier conducted by the PNWPGA in May, June and July. (Click here for the qualifying schedule.)
  • Provide a fun, exploratory experience for the youngest kids at your facility, while engaging families.
  • Use this program as a way to jump-start your golf season and get those golf families out of “hibernation”.

Suggested format for the 4-week program:

  • Weeks 1-3: Teach, coach and help kids (ages 6-14) develop the fundamentals of DCP during the first three weeks of prep clinics (Click here to view the DCP Coaching Manual.) 90-minute clinic sessions on DCP fundamentals recommended.
  • Week 4: Run your own “(Your Club Name Here) DCP Club Championship”. This is easy to set up. I suggest using a launch monitor to conduct driving discipline. Just like the actual event, follow the same format and have prizes/awards both boys and girls in several age groups (6-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14)
  • In conjunction with kids’ DCP experience, you could also run an event for your men’s, ladies’ and related clubs. This could be key in getting your core players out and playing early this season!
  • DCP could also be a way to get kids/families involved, then introduce them to your PGA Junior League Golf program.

Suggested schedule:

I suggest weekend afternoons (Sat or Sun) with a max student : teacher ratio of 12:1. Start your first session within 1-2 weeks after the Masters.

Suggested Fees: $79-119* per junior

  • I recommend that you make fees include three 90-minute clinic sessions on DCP fundamentals, plus entry fees and prize fund for your XYZ Golf Club DCP Championship (payout on finish will be by age group/gender and payable in your golf shop by gift certificate)

* For private facilities: I recommend the following: Guests welcome; fee is the same OR charge more with difference going to “Guest Fees Line Item”; but guests not eligible to win the DCP Club Championship.

Interested in learning more about DCP, Junior League Golf or how to promote your programs better this season? Please contact me today.

Monte Koch, Certified PGA Professional/Player Development
Player Development Regional Mgr/Mentor**
PGA of America (Greater Seattle/PacNW PGA Section)
Email:  Cell: 206/335-5260