Record breaking heat. Record breaking low snowpack. Predictions for very challenging fire season throughout the area. And this is just the start of the summer!

With these hot spells at our golf courses, my radar goes up with the safety of the golfers at our club. These ideas are not original, but they do help ensure everyone enjoys their rounds of golf at the club:

  • Promote the drinking of non-alcoholic, clear liquids. Having a good time is great, but alcoholic beverages dehydrate us quickly. Yes, water is best. Make sure your golfers know where water is located throughout the course or where the beverage cart may be.
  • Promote headwear, protective umbrellas, or golf carts to keep some shade over your golfers’ heads. Having your front line staff suggest a golf cart does wonders for your bottom line.
  • Provide a clean, cold ice towel for your golfers. This nice touch allows for some interaction between staff and clients, and provides the personal touch that shows you care about who is out on the golf course.
  • Train your staff to know the early signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Some people don’t take into account the toll that 4 or more hours of direct sun can do to a body without protection and hydration. Be ready and alert for any medical situation that may arise with excessive heat.

We all get in situations during tournaments of our own or at our facilities where our knowledge of the Rules of Golf is tested under pressure. Whether it is a club championship, member guest or a Section Major, strange things are going to occur on a golf course and the need to “dig deep” into the Decisions Book is inevitable.

I had such a situation last month at my club during our member/member tournament. The ruling involved two teams playing stroke play, with a wrong ball played incorrectly as an embedded ball in a water hazard, with one team giving advice (albeit bad advice) on the rules, and finally playing from a wrong place. I think I know the Rules pretty well, but in times like this I always feel better reaching out for a second or third opinion. Luckily, we are a group of professionals that are always willing to help each other out and I was able to call upon a fellow pro for some backup. I always appreciate knowing that I can reach out to a fellow professional and ask for some advice. Needless to say, I’m willing to do the same if called upon.

Have a fun and safe summer,

Bryan Tunstill, PGA
Columbia Edgewater CC
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